I just reviewed "Hyouka" 2 days ago, so I guess there's really not much incentive so describe it again right now. Its a light-hearted mystery theme anime, and that's that. "K" was a pretty recent anime as well, and it was pretty unique to say the least. It had a ton of great ideas and did a rather good job executing them, though it did end on a pretty quick and confusing note. Finally "Kaibutsu Oujo" is a pretty old anime, but it was fun to watch. It shows how life with demons and a crazy murdering princess can actually be pretty entertaining.


A mystery anime has its pros and cons, though "Hyouka" manages to nail the feel for the most part. It actually feels more like a slice of life anime more than a mystery themed one, since more than anything else, it focuses on the life of four high school students. 

Nothing beats a curious Eru.

And out of all the characters, its easy to see how Eru can come out on top. She's easily the funniest, cutest, and most full of personality character out of the entire cast. Sure Oreki can be pretty cool too because he is very easy to relate too, but for the most part he's just a boring guy. Eru lights up the entire classics club room with energy and is most of the time seen with high spirits. Let's not forget that her signature "I'M CURIOUS" tagline that manages to snag everyone all the time.

So why Eru? Sure she's moe, and she's got an over the top personality as well. Her love for mysteries can get pretty contagious, and she is THE one person to drag Oreki's ass out of his slow, boring life. When she first joins the club she already gets Oreki into solving a problem. Soon, this trend continues, and as the series progresses, you can see that Oreki starts to predict Eru's behavior in easy ways.

Its not a stretch to say that the classics club stayed alive because of this awesome girl, her constant enthusiasm keeps the club alive. She's also has full of other skill sets on her own. She's actually academically smart, can cook well, and comes from a very prestigious background. Though even with all this, she's a huge klutz, and this just increases her moe factor by ten.


Once again, who the f**k calls an anime "K". I know its supposed to be the "K project", and to be honest, that would have sounded 20 times better than just "K". What the f**k is "K"? Anyway, despite its stupid name, its a nice anime with some great ideas. There are a ton of characters, its hard to find a favorite, but I did anyway. Here it is.

Looks like Shizuo doesn't he?

He....didn't really do much throughout the entire anime when compared to some others, but I really like Kusanagi Izumo. He's an incredibly cool and chill dude, he doesn't really do much because he doesn't really like to. All he cares about is his bar, and his loyalty to the red clan, or Homra. Like Seri is to Munakata, its the same as Izumo is to Mikoto, he is pretty much the 2nd in command for the entire red clan. Cool and collected, he brings style to the anime.

Like all of the red clan, Izumo possess his red aura fire based abilities. Being the 2nd in command, he is basically the 2nd strongest person in the clan, just behind Mikoto. He doesn't really fight much during the anime (I think he's more a back line guy than a fighter), but we did see a small display of his power when he was trying to catch Yashiro at the beginning. With just a flick of his cigarette, he can conjure a huge flay of fireballs on his opponents.

Outside of combat, he's still pretty likable. He is a well trusted comrade among his peers, and he treasures his bar more than anything else. Every time his retarded clan mates decide to trash even a small bit of his bar, he becomes angry and starts to blow up. He is also well liked by Seri of the blue clan, as she frequents as a customer to his bar, going there for drinks. He also takes good care of Anna, probably more than any other member of Homra other than Mikoto.

Kaibutsu Oujo

"Kaibutsu Oujo" is pretty old. Yes, even back then when I watched it about a year ago, I found the animation style and everything else pretty old. Still, its not a bad anime, far from it. Its a pretty solid slice of life anime with demons and monsters in it. Living in a mansion with a murderous princess and female demons can be pretty exciting, this anime proves it.

Here's a cute and sexy vampire for you.

Reiri is just awesome. "Kaibutsu Oujo" is full of crazy things, and one of them is the fact that demon girls are living with the protagonist. Reiri joins in on the fun pretty late into the series, but she makes everything so fun. She's a freaking vampire, but a pretty pure-blooded one at that. She doesn't claim victims to become her slaves, she's cool like that. 

Reiri is pretty powerful, as she joins the ranks to become one of Hime's servants later on. She has seen constant disputes with Riza, the werewolf on the team. Vampires and werewolves naturally don't mix well with one another, and of course, these two are always bickering at each other. Its funny to watch at times, because Reiri is always the one to start the argument by tormenting Riza.

Of course as a vampire, Reiri is strong. But how strong, we don't know, and probably will never know (I don't see this series continuing). She's probably at her best if she starts sucking some blood, but she doesn't do that. Still, she is able to go toe to toe with Riza, that's something. Outside of being a vampire, she is known as one of the hottest girls in her school that guys like to stalk and girls like to look up to, why am I not surprised?