On a side note, I just picked up "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure", and I must say its the most fabulous thing I've ever seen.

Anybody who doesn't know about "K-on!" shouldn't be called an otaku, its that simple. "Kampfer" is a pretty awesome ecchi gender-bend anime that really changed the way on how I view things. Its a great ecchi experience as well as a pretty comedic one. "Kami-sama no memochou" is probably a mystery drama anime with tons of intense and interesting moments. Its definitely worth checking out if you're interested in the mystery genre.


To be perfectly honest I can just put all 5 girls here and be done with it, because they are all so awesome and likable. Its impossible to dislike any of them really, because they fit so well together. But if I have to choose....I can only narrow it down to two.

I've always imagined her as a badass drummer on stage.

Well, here's my favorite. Given how awesome all 5 of the girls are, its really hard to choose, but I like Ritsu the most, for a few reasons. Reason 1, of all instruments used in the anime (or in any band in general), I love the drummer the most, because of the heavy beats and sounds it generates. Being the drummer, Ritsu has already earned tons of love points from me. Oh, she acts like a tomboy and is incredibly adorable on top of that? Score, that's it for me.

Out of the 5 girls, I love Ritsu and Yui's personalities the most (they are practically the same thing). They are both slackers, lazy to the bone, and the way they portray it all the time in sync is just so adorable. Also, as the club president, I like how she completely doesn't give a f**k for a good portion of the anime. Practice? Screw that, tea time!

Also notice how she picks on Mio so much (pretty much her best friend), or as a matter of fact, on most of the club members (minus Mugi, she's impossible to pick on). She acts like an irresponsible big sister, and that just adds on to her lovable factor. Oh, and being cheerful helps. Finally, as the caption for the above image states, I see her as as badass drummer on stage (a cute, badass drummer).

Azu-nyan looking cool~

If there's someone else I love as much as Ritsu, its Azusa. Our underwhelming freshman has always needed more love in my opinion, as she is pretty much the only one who tries to take things seriously, I find her extremely adorable! She's just the kind you would pity because nobody on the club would learn their lesson despite her constant attempts to push them into practice.

Azu-nyan. Need I say more? That is practically her nickname throughout the entire anime, and I'm sure anyone who watched "K-on" would have replayed the segment where she has cat ears on and goes "Nyan!~" MULTIPLE times. Azusa is just adorable, you'd want to hug and squeeze her to get the moe-ness out of your head.

Yeah she plays the back-up guitar, and while I don't really like that role in the band, I can't say that it pulls my love for her down. Despite everything, I do feel a tint of sympathy for her. She's the one left behind while Yui and the others graduate. Sure she has ton-chan, Ui and Jun, but things have to be tough for her. And you know that final scene in the movie and final episode of season 2? Still makes me want to shed a tear every time.


"Kampfer" is kind of a self preference thing. People would find the gender bending thing as Natsuru transforms into a girl kind of sick....but I do find female Natsuru to be one of the sexiest non-existent females up to DATE.....I kind of already spoiled my favorite character didn't I?


Natsuru will make an appearance in a pervertic post in the future, you can bet on it. For now, let's just say she...or he, is my favorite character for "Kampfer". Well I'll just refer to Natsuru as a she here, because lets just face it, everyone likes her as a girl. As sexy as can be, Natsuru brings on the heat to the already sexy series.

In a universe like "Kampfer", where its pretty much stated that Kampfers can only be girls as they battle each other, Natsuru's fate was sealed in a funny way. Right from the get go since episode one, you will start to like Natsuru for his sad yet hilarious fate. Turning into a girl as a guy...I would say is a good and bad thing, depending on how you look at it. The way Natsuru handles it is just hilarious!

As a kampfer, Natsuru fights like a mage of sorts, launching fireballs and such during battle. While I do think Shizuka has the best fighting style of the Kampfers, Natsuru does hold up well in second place. Still, the best part about liking Natsuru is seeing how she handles everyday girl stuff, because almost everything she does ends up being hilarious or just smoking hot.

Kami-sama No Memochou

Welcome to the world of mystery! I must admit that I have never seen much mystery anime or play many mystery games. Like how "Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney" was my entry point to mystery for games, "Kami-sama No Memochou" was my entry point to mystery for anime. Let's all clap for the loli!

The NEET thing to do indeed!

Alice is nothing less you could ask for in a loli anime character. Being cute is a natural, but she's tsundere and  a genius. In fact, she's no less than the smartest damn character in the entire anime. Even though being a NEET is a bad thing, she makes it look like a good thing and shows that she can help people despite being one, through the powers of being a genius.

Alice, despite being a little girl, is a very respected girl. She is called "female boss" or "big sister" by "The forth"'s gang members, and everyone treats her well as her clients. She is very much a backline person, as she usually leaves the heavy work to everyone else as she camps in her little room, doing research and...you know, nerd things.

She rarely, if not ever goes out, but if she does, its a big deal. Its nice to see how everyone gets worked up over a little girl like her, its nice to see actually. Alice puts the word "loli" to a newer term, as she proves that being a loli, doesn't mean you have to be another one of those little girls that cry and suck up to main characters. You go girl!