"Hey man what're you doing with such an old game!??"

Well it doesn't fking matter does it. "Persona 3" is about 7 years old now but I really couldn't care less. It's one of the best games I have ever played and that will remain as a fact. So here's a post featuring the awesome group known as SEES.



Name: Minato/Hamuko
Traits: Versatility, Wild card

Main characters in the SMT games have always been about the player. Its the same here, whether you're playing as the handsome beast Minato or the incredibly sexy Hamuko, you're in control. These protagonists wield the power of the wild card, and they can practically use everything they want. They switch personas in battle, taking ANY role they wish, be it a physical DPS, a team buffer, a magic user or healer. Switching these roles mid-battle and assisting/covering for your party's weaknesses is what makes our protagonists such insanely powerful fighters.

Well characters like her appear in all RPGs

Name: Yukari Takeba
Traits: Wind attributed, Magic DPS, Healer

Well I'm not biased, no I am not. Yes, she is THAT good. She is the only character in the game to have "mediarahan", which completely heals up your entire party. She is crucial to your team if your main character does not have a persona with "mediarahan". While she might be a little under leveled throughout the early levels of the game, sticking with her will really benefit you later on.

Yukari's persona is wind attributed, that just means she gets destroyed by electric type enemies. It may not be a good idea to put her in the same party as Aegis, as a single electric spell will fry both of them. She has great magic damage as well, since her magic stats are pretty much sky rocketed, she can easily fit into that magic DPS role as well whenever she's not on healing duty.

Typical best friend .

Name: Junpei Iori
Traits: Fire attributed, Physical DPS, Buffer

Get this straight, I do not like Junpei, not at all. All he is is another bad-mouthed faggot that gets jealous whenever the main character achieves another great feat. Early on he is a good source of damage, but in my opinion, he misses out on so much bosses due to story events that he falls so much behind. Its hard to care about him really, because he pales so much in comparison to Akihiko when you get him.

I don't use much Junpei, so don't look at me. He is fire attributed, that means he gets blown up by ice attacks. He uses a great sword, so if he misses a swing, there's a good chance he will go down, leaving him open. He grows to have some hard hitting physical damage skills late in the game, while being someone who can buff the team as well.

He is one sexy man, believe me.

Name: Akihiko Sanada
Traits: Lightning attributed, Physical DPS, Buffer, Debuffer

As my main in "Persona 4:Arena", I really do like Akihiko. In "Persona 3", he's not bad, but he gets out done in my opinion. He's a way better Junpei, that's for sure. You get him early on and he's a pretty strong powerhouse. He deals good physical damage, has "Dia" to help you with recovery, and with him the 2nd block just gets so much easier.

Akihiko is lightning attributed, wind type moves destroy him (correct me if I'm wrong here). He uses fists, which is kind of cool. His persona strength growth is high, so expect him to hit hard on physical type skills. He also does a very good job at buffing your team and debuffing the enemies. 

Yes, she's hot too.

Name: Mitsuru Kirijo
Traits: Ice attributed, Magic DPS, Healer

Mitsuru is the queen of sexiness in "Persona 3", and she gets the nickname "Ice queen" a lot, for obvious reasons. Mitsuru joins your party extremely overpowered in my opinion, but as the game stretches, she's just an ice attributed Yukari without the godly heal. Still, there is little refuse the sexy queen of SEES to join your party.

Ice gets melted by flames, so keep her out of the fire. Mitsuru uses a rapier, but that's not the focus here. Her persona magic growth is high, so its natural that she does very good magic DPS. She also excels as a healer, gaining all levels of healing with the exception of "Mediarahan". That's the only reason why she's rated one point lower than Yukari. She's still f**king godly, just not as godly as Yukari.

I totally dig robot chicks

Name: Aigis/Aegis
Traits: Physical DPS, Buffer

Up till today I'm not too sure about her name. Was it Aegis? Or Aigis? Wtf man. Ah well a quick YouTube video should get me sorted out easily. Anyway, Aigis (I'll use this term for now) is the very definition of bull charging. Know those big brawny dudes in RPGs with huge weapons that usually join your party? Aigis functions exactly the same as them in battle, she mops the floor with insane physical DPS.

Aigis is a robot, so she gets shocked up bad by electricity. She doesn't really pack ANY magic DPS on her at all, but her physical DPS is perhaps the best in the whole game. Multi-hitting painful attacks that wipe out boss health bars like nothing...that pretty much defines what she is. She isn't good for anything else really, other than her insane raw power. She probably does more damage than anyone else in the game.


Name: Koromaru
Traits: Dark attributed, Fire Attributed, Physical DPS

I love the dog. He's so likable in so many ways, but he really isn't much use in battle. There is a reason for that, don't look at me that way! Koromaru is incredibly speedy, and he depends on mudo to one shot enemies. In my opinion, that kind of thing on a character is already pretty bad, because he is entirely luck based.

Its good to note that he has no weakness other than hama (I may be wrong here), so he can take elemental hits from enemies. He can do fire damage and some decent physical DPS as well, but the point here is that he is a luck reliant character. If his mudo skills wipe out entire non-boss themes, he works great for clearing shadows. But against bosses...not so much.

Why didn't we get to see him in P4:Arena? I want to see grown up Ken!!!

Name: Ken Amada
Traits: Light attributed, Lightning attributed, Healer, Magic DPS

Believe, I hate kids as much as the next person, but Ken is freaking useful in fights. He may be a snotty brat, but he's a damn useful one. He's the opposite of the dog, he is light attributed, and a part of him relies on hama to one shot enemies. But unlike Koromaru, Ken has more up his sleeve that can be easily considered overpowered in the game.

For one, his persona has nice magic growth, meaning that he gets to deal nice lightning magic DPS. Like Koromaru, he has no weakness other than darkness, so he shakes off elemental attacks. PLUS, he gets the ability to HEAL. He learns every heal spell other than "Mediarahan", in other words, he's just like Mitsuru. But in more ways than one, he is actually more USEFUL than Mitsuru.

And we're done! No Shinjiro here, because we all knew what happened to him.

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Peace out for now, more RPG parties to come in the future!

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