Opening songs
OP 1 (Season 1) - Watashi Ni Dekiru Koto (Yoko Ishida)

OP 1 (Season 2) - Egao No Maho (Yoko Ishida)

Ending songs
ED 1 (Season 1) - Bookmark a head (Strike witches)
ED 1 (Season 2) - Over sky (Strike witches)

Genre: Action, Magic, Science Fiction

Episodes:12 per season

Same deal with "Rosario + Vampire", I'm reviewing both seasons of "Strike Witches" at the same time because I do think that it is pointless to do 2 reviews separately as they are basically the same thing.

And just so you know, I will get this out of my system first. I love "Strike Witches". Like if there was an all-girl anime that I would absolutely love, this is it, and I don't think there are much others like it that can hope to compete. Yes, its that good, at least to me anyway. A great cast of characters, combat that isn't completely butchering to the series, and just tons of fun to watch overall. If you're one of those guys that totally loathe anime with no guys in it (like "K-on" or "The Idolm@ster", for example), you're probably not going to like this as well, but its still worth a damn good shot in my opinion. 


Both seasons have incredibly cheesy opening songs, but it fits in this case and I kind of enjoy them to some extent. The opening for season one is "Watashi Ni Dekiru Koto" by Yoko Ishida, and right off the bat you can sense the cheesiness. Still, it sounds good and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Same to the opening for the 2nd season, "Egao No Maho" also by Yoko Ishida. I actually find it better than the season 1 opening, with a little extra tint of epicness. Not much, but its worth a mention.

As for the ending themes, they are all sang by the cast of the anime. The ending for season one is "Bookmark a head", and it sounds a little cheery, too cheery for me. It is a little bit catchy, but not to the extent of some others songs that sound a little like this. "Over sky" is the ending for season 2, and I must say its much better. It has this "Super Stream" feel that makes it feel pretty catchy.

Rating: 8.5/10

It has everything you'd need in an anime like this. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this anime, and I did not regret it. The girls were so damn likable that you'd almost think that this was "Idolm@sters" but instead of singing they shoot down alien robots and air craft (kind of like that "Idolm@sters" mecha spin off anime). You will grow to like almost everyone towards the end, and throughout both seasons, a good equal amount of screen time is given to all the girls so that we can all grow to like them. Its also a little bit of an emotional thrill ride at times, and packs some funny moments to go along with everything else. The final bits of each season were so brilliant that they themselves could easily be watched over and over ( I preferred the final episodes of season 1 over season 2 myself).

You don't say.

The star of "Strike Witches" goes by the name of Miyafuji Yoshika, a happy-go-lucky girl from middle school who just likes to help people. She is training to become a successor to the Miyafuji clinic, which specializes in the use of healing magic. Yoshika has magic powers, though she isn't that good just yet. She has been living in turmoil ever since the disappearance of her father. One day she finds blueprints and learns that her father is dead. Another girl by the name of Mio Sakamoto introduces herself and wants to bring her to Britain to fight against the Neuroi, a rising threat that has been dangerous to the world. Seeing Yoshika's power and potential, Sakamoto takes her to become part of the "Strike witches", a squad of witches made to destroy and combat against the Neuroi. 

This would be VERY easy to recommend to ANY male otaku. Along with everything good that I just mentioned, it has a BOATLOAD of fan service, and well, us guys will enjoy that kind of thing. I mean FFS, not a single girl in the entire show (well, at least the majority) is wearing any pants! Panties! Panties every motherf**ker. If you're into the theme of a sci-fi world where loli and hot chicks team up to destroy aliens while flying around in mechanical flying boots, what are you waiting for?