Saturday, 28 July 2012

Girl dogs ! Woof~ (Inukami! review)

Opening songs
OP 1-Hikari (Yui Horie)

Ending songs
ED 1-Yuujo Monogatari (Aice5)

Genre:Action, Comedy, Romance


Getting pretty busy due to the crazy amount of school work, poor me. Today's anime review will be in focus of Inukami. It is definitely an old show, and the it is further shown by the animation style and standard. It is in no way a lousy anime though, in fact, I enjoyed it quite a bit, and in many ways, it reminded me of Kaibutsu oujo. Male main character surrounded by female characters that fight monsters every episode. At times, it is funny, and  some parts can be rather satisfactory to watch. With some harem elements and good amounts of comedy, Inukami is a pretty good watch for those looking for something along these lines.

Harem! But instead of cat girls, we have dog girls!

The opening song is "Hikari" by Yui Horie, and to be honest, it is freaking catchy. It instantly became my favorite Yui Horie song when I first heard it. For an old anime, it has a pretty damn awesome opening song and some nice opening animations that were pretty cool. The ending is "Yuujo Monogatari" by Aice5, and well.....I actually like it. Lol don't blame me it is pretty catchy. And I basically remember it for its ridiculously funny animations and catchy tunes. Not bad!


I honestly think Inukami is a good anime. It is constant throughout all the episodes, it provides good amounts of laughter, there are a TON of girls (by a ton i mean a TON), and the concepts of Inukamis and the Inukami tsukais are pretty cool. It also gets and ACTUAL plot later on, and snowballs into something somewhat epic towards the end. There is some sense of betrayal and emotion, so it actually becomes more than a brainless or pure fanservice/comedy anime. Lets not forget, I freaking love Keita as a main character, and his constant bickering with Yoko is just gold.

The moment where you realize that you are stripped of your clothers in public.

Well you probably already know, our main character is a chap known as Keita. He is an Inukami tsukai, and an extreme pervert. He and his Inukami Yoko, work together as they accept jobs to defeat stray demons and monsters. While Inukamis are supposed to listen to their masters, Keita and Yoko share a very strange relationship. Yoko simply likes to toy with Keita, as she gets jealous of his actions as he goes to flirt or peep at other girls. She does so by simply stripping him in public with her teleportation magic, teleporting his clothes away. Brilliant! Dive into the world of Inukami as you watch Keita's and Yoko's daily lives, as they accept jobs to take down daily evil.....and to watch Keita get undoubtedly embarrassed by Yoko's constant mischief.

Inukami is....well, enjoyable. Its old, but that shouldn't stop devoted anime lovers to watch it. It was a fun experience, and I'm sure those who are willing to look past the dated visuals will find it entertaining as well. If you look generic comedy, harem and some quirky stuff here and there, Inukami is for you. Now only if they stay away from making OVAs like Kaibutsu would be perfect.