Time to move on with my favorite (or favourite, blogger says my spelling is wrong, but wiki says its right either way) anime characters. Last time we stopped at Drrr!, but now that Baccano! is in my list of nice anime, I'll have to add it in. If the title isn't obvious enough, today's 3 animes in particular are Baccano!, Fate/Stay night (or the Fate series in particular) and Freezing.

 Baccano! is pretty awesome and so is freezing (if you like boobies). Fate/Stay night is something really popular but I only found it to be slightly above average at best (yeah flame me if you want). Fate/Zero is the kickass one, and while I have yet to start on the 2nd season I can already smell its awesome-ness.

Spoilers for these 3 animes, of course.



Baccano! is a great example of "you have to see it to believe it". At first I showed no interest in it, but after the first couple of episodes I started to lose myself in its story. The concept of mob and mafia wars mixed in with bits and pieces of alchemy logic is really fascinating. It bears great similarities to Durarara! (Same makers I believe) so if you like that, this is an easy recommendation.

Yes, its a girl, not some pretty boy.

So if you read my blog or knew me long enough, you would now that there's one type of girl I like the most. Yeap, the badass kind. Since its not easy to find those in real life, anime provides some in these area (yeah its pretty hard to find badass girls in anime too). In my opinion, there are 2 badass girls in Bacanno, Chane and Rachel. While Chane is pretty cool too, Rachel proves that she is more "human" than Chane in so many ways, and because of that, I choose Rachel!

So why is Rachel a badass? Number one, she boards the flying pussyfoot as an "Information gatherer" knowing that there would be an ongoing mafia fight on board, she goes there to get information. That just means she's putting herself in harms way just to get a job done, no big deal there. But here, Rachel's not just some regular girl who screams when she's in danger, she's like a freaking ninja dammit! When the white clothed people invaded the passenger cabin, she was the first to slip out through a window before things got messy...without anyone knowing. NINJA!

So she clings on the train sides and maneuvers around the train like a spider. The ability to be so dodgy and ninja-like already makes me like her, and then she runs into the rail tracer in the train. The normal people in the train will already run like mad when they see the rail tracer. Rachel herself goes to check him out personally before backing off, screaming like a girl (lol this scene). Whats even better is after the flying pussyfoot incident, Rachel got to meet Claire, and they even went for lunch together! Here we get to see the more feminine and human side of her, where she offers some dating advice to Claire and laugh to some lame jokes together like old friends. Awesome!

Bathing yourself in blood always proves your manliness!

Hell yes! Seeing as the majority of the Baccano! fan base loves Claire, I have to go with the flow and agree with them, because Claire is simply BADASS! A regular guy with girl problems by day, and a merciless killer known as the Rail tracer by night, Claire Stanfield is just all sorts of awesomeness packed into one person. First off, he's the youngest of the Stanfield brothers (if I remember correctly), and he likes to give himself various names, the most recent one being the rail tracer.

He is a master deceiver. Aboard the flying pussyfoot, he acts being a train conductor and a helpless man. When he was assaulted by the other train conductor, he showed his true colors and went ahead to get information out of the other dude. His method of torture is simply ridiculous! Holding the other guy against the train tracks while the train is moving at its own insane speed, and then he proceeds to get info out the other guy. If he doesn't comply, he shoves the other guy's arm onto the train tracks...and you see red stuff flying all over. He does this until he gets the information he wants, then proceeds to kill the other guy by shoving his face to the tracks. Bloody..but awesome!

After bathing himself in blood and making himself the rail tracer, he goes around scaring and killing folks around the flying pussyfoot like a true madman. His rail tracer persona is easily my favorite, but as a normal man, he works well too. When the incident is over he decides to pursue Chane as his love, and during this part, he acts like a sarcastic normal young man. He goes to Rachel and they have lunch, he asks her for advice. This is one of the best scenes in the the anime in my opinion, since these are both my favorite characters in Baccano!

Claire and Rachel having lunch together....awesome!

Fate/Stay night

I was kind of inclined to put it as the "Fate series", rather than just Fate/Stay night, because my favorite character for the recurring series in the franchise will still be the same anyone. This sentence alone kind of gives away my favorite character already, and you all should be a fan of her too! If you aren't why the hell are you even watching Fate!?

Be honest with yourself, this is how you got into the Fate series.

Yes, yes I know, this is how it is. The only reason why I looked into Fate, was because I saw tons of Saber fan art. I went like "hey, this girl looks familiar", and soon I went like "a female knight eh, I'll give it a shot". That's how I got into Fate/Stay night. And well, like most other guys in the world, I soon grew to like Saber. Both as a girl, a knight, and a character. I mean, who the hell fights with an invisible sword?!

Okay lets dive into the lore of Saber first. Saber is a legendary spirit summoned into the holy grail war, within the Saber class of course. The Saber class is known to be the strongest amongst all the classes, and this alone proves her strength. The true identity of Saber is Arturia Pendragon, or also known as, King Arthur. What? King Arthur, a girl? That's right. She was the one to lift the legendary sword Excalibur from the stone, and because of that, she was to be dubbed king. But having a girl as a king was wrong, so she faked to be a male, and even married to another woman to further extend herself as a king. But no matter what she did, she was still but a girl, ouch. Now that's deep.

In Fate/Stay night, Saber was a true knight. Knowing that Shiro was a weak and unaccomplished magician, she volunteered to stay back at his home since she knew he could not perform the concealing magic on her. She wanted to protect him as a servant, and told Shiro to use a command seal if he were to ever come into danger. Saber is a strong servant, even though she had a weak magus supporting her and she couldn't fight to her full potential, she holds her own and has defeated the likes of Rider, Assassin, and even Berserker (with the help of Shiro). She also has a girly side to her, when Shiro takes her shopping she goes all moe over a lion stuffed toy. Cute!


Blood, boobs and panty shots, that is what defines Freezing as an anime. As you can tell, those 3 things combined together makes this an anime that all guys can easily enjoy. It has some solid fight scenes, and I do enjoy the fanservice (come on, I'm a guy). You probably already guessed from my Freezing review though.....

You want some? I'll slice you into 17 pieces.

Satellizer is mother effing sexy. She is easily the hottest amongst all of the girls in Freezing (though I think Elizabeth has the best fighting style), and she is badass to boot. Wanting to pick a fight with almost EVERY freaking pandora in the school, and easily earns points for being a badass hot chick! No matter who you are, be it a freshman, a sophomore or a freaking senior, Satellizer doesn't care, she just beats the shit out of you!

Satellizer, though she is an emo, talk to no one, kill everything that upsets me kind of person, has a reason to be that way. Her past is not one to brag about, having to move from one relative's house to another because her family is in pure shambles, she isn't exactly the most lucky girl around. To top it off, she gets abused when she was young by the other people, and even gets sexually molested during the night when everyone else is asleep. This went on for years until one of the more responsible people found out and told her to leave the place. Because of that, she now becomes a merciless badass that just beats everyone into the freaking ground!

Of course her character development throughout the anime was pretty good as well. After meeting Kazuya, she became a way more peaceful person (though she still picks fights with others who want to mess with her) , and started to learn how to trust others. Her fighting ability is outmatched, even by the Seniors. She is a sophomore, and her strength bothers the seniors, so they take it out on her like the faggots they are. 3rd years picking on 2nd years just because they are strong, what idiots. Well since this is anime, they lose to her and hate her even more. Lets not forget the fact that she slowly starts to accept Kazuya, and they practically become lovers at the end of the series!

That's all for now folks, peace out!