Opening songs
OP 1-Hacking to the gate (Kanako Ito)

Ending songs
ED 1-Tokitsukasadoru Jūni no Meiyaku (Sakakibara Yui)

Genre: Drama, Psychological, Science fiction, Romance


You have not seen anything quite like Steins;Gate, I guarantee it. It isn't terribly old, while it aired last year as an anime, Steins;Gate started off as a visual novel (I finished it already, review coming soon). It was from the makers of Chaos;Head, one of my absolute favorite animes of all time. Insane amount of mind bending f**kery and other factors made it an absolute blast to watch. Now with Steins;Gate, it brings a somewhat similar theme to the table, and while it has a more realistic feel to it this time round (Chaos;Head has people poofing swords out of nowhere dammit!), it is still incredibly enjoyable. While it takes quite awhile for the anime to fire on all cylinders, when it starts to do so, you won't want to stop watching.

Welcome to the lab mother f**ker!

Steins:Gate has an amazing opening song. While its only one song for an entire 24 episode anime, it is freaking amazing, and I have to say I'm absolutely addicted to it. "Hacking to the gate" is its name, and its a song that fits the anime in every way possible. The song is weird, it has beats and rhythms that other songs don't, and the vocals from Kanako Ito are just amazing. TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS IN ONE SONG. Lets not forget the opening animations, they are awesome as well. The ending is "Tokitsukasadoru Jūni no Meiyaku" by Sakakibara Yui. Its a nice song, and while it has an overall slow feel, its not terrible. I prefer her faster and more bad ass songs though.


If you can't tell already, I love Steins;Gate. While it has quite a boring and uninteresting start, it really starts to kick it up as moves on. The beginning 5 or 6 episodes have nothing interesting or exciting, and the explanations on some scientific theories can be boring, but when the characters start to do some legit time experimentation, things start to get a lot more intriguing. And speaking of characters, all the characters in Steins;Gate are awesome in their own way. I grew to like all the main characters, and while it looks like a harem with all the girls, it is NOT. DO NOT mistake it for your typical harem anime. Hell the anime doesn't even make it feel like a harem. You'll definitely be more interested in its epic plot than the girls (Though the girls are pretty nice).

Spoken like a true mad scientist!

Okabe Rintarou is his name, and he is a MAD SCIENTIST. Yes, that's our main character right here, NOT SOME REGULAR HIGH SCHOOL KID! Okabe (aka HOUIN KYOUMA!) is a highly delusional guy that thinks the entire world is against him. He likes to do experiments with his friend Daru in a rented apartment which he calls "The lab". He often makes delusions that the 'organization' is on to him and believes that his experiments can change the world.

One day though, when he goes to a conference with his childhood friend Mayuri to listen to a professor's lecture, he runs into a girl genius known as Makise Kurisu. After the conference, he finds Kurisu stabbed and killed. With that image burned into his mind, he sends a message to his friend Daru. But after that, the world starts to warp, and he realizes that what he saw never happened. He asks his Mayuri, but she remembers nothing, and everyone regards what he says as pure gibberish. What happened?  SOMETHING BADASS OF COURSE! WATCH TO FIND OUT MORE!

Well, I love this anime, in my eyes it is worthy of a 9 out of 10. But...the beginning is a little bit too dry for that. A 9/10 anime is one that can keep your eyes glued to the screen from start to end, and you will want to watch over 6 episodes a day rather than taking it slow. Well this anime achieved that, but only after a certain point where it becomes seriously interesting. The starting few episodes? Not so. Still, this is something I can recommend to everyone who watches anime. Haven't watched Steins;Gate? Get your ass to it, RIGHT NOW!