Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cosfest 2012 ~July re-run~

Okay so I was wrong before, saying that Cosfest 2012 was way earlier than it was in 2011. In fact, Cosfest was supposed to have 2 runs a year, one in February and one in July. So of course, I went to Cosfest yesterday, since it is an AWESOME event where cosplayers go to. There are a TON of cosplayers here, and I can get the most pictures in Cosfest more than any other cosplay or anime event.

I brought my camera this time, so the pictures won't be too terrible....I hope. Once again you have to forgive my terrible photography because not every is born to take photos!

Alright here we go!

First up, Lightning! Its like Lightning cosplayers are a must in these events now, why? Not that I'm complaining though, good cosplay is still good. The detail on the armor and weapon is pretty well done. Still, I have yet to really a Lightning cosplay that has knocked my socks off.

I am clueless about this, but I'm just going to assume that this is a God eater cosplay....because dat weapon. Good to see god eater getting some attention this year, probably people getting hyped for god eater 2 though.

I can't remember  2 of their character names, but I do know a Dizzy when I see one! Dayum girl looking good there! Rare to see Guilty gear cosplayers, and seeing them  like that shows that people still care about the game, despite it being buried by blazblue.

Akatsuki! Group shot = multiply the awesomeness factor. I say all of them look good in their own individual ways, but I gotta say I like the Deidara the most. The Hidan comes as a very close second though.

I don't know 2 of them, but I can definitely say that Lucy is in there , so I assume these are all fairy tail cosplayers (I don't watch fairy tail). Not bad.

Madoka! I still haven't watched it, but its dead obvious. She's everywhere dammit! And right there beside her is Homura. There are probably more Madoka cosplayers later on, so I'll get to it later. These 2 are pretty good, that much I can say.

Miku with claws? Must be one of those weird ass songs with her trying to kill people again. Pretty good overall, though I must say the amount of Miku's aren't letting up.

Now this I am not too sure. Another Madoka? The hair style seems similar so I am just going to assume.

Not too sure once again. I think its Miku and someone else? I don't know man. The blond one looks pretty good imo.

Shit its Beatrice! Run for your lives people!!!!! I have not seen a single Umineko cosplay so this was suprising to me. Nice costume!

Clueless, absolutely clueless about this. Lol. Well I have no idea what I just took but hey, at least its people in traditional chinese clothing. The left guy looks totally out of place though. I wonder what anime this is..

Clueless once again, but I took it anyway. The center girl looks out of place, but if I'm going to guess...the closest thing that comes to my mind is black butler. Lol me.

I have a habit to assume that any cosplaying girl with green is Miku, just because there are always a ton of Mikus in these events. I have no idea about the guy, looks like a Butler of sorts.

Now this! This I cannot complain about. Hachikuji Mayoi is one of my favorite characters of Bakemonogatari, and seeing someone cosplay her is a first for me! A little tall to be cosplaying Hachikuji, but I don't care, good job!

More vocaloids! Miku, Rin, and someone with blue hair! But really though, I have been seeing that blue haired character quite a lot, gotta look her up when I have time.

Its Ahri! As a huge league fan I am more than happy to see some League cosplayers this time round. That's right! You didn't hear me wrong, there are quite a few League cosplayers, and there are more to come. As for this Ahri, I like it! Tails and stuff, good job.

Bunny..bunny....bunny....I don't know. Well this character doesn't seem to ring a bell at all, but the cosplay is pretty good I guess.

*Insert one winged angel music here* Well its kind of expected that sephiroth would show up in conventions. Why? BECAUSE HE'S SEPHIROTH DAMMIT! Nice job here.

Love is war is a great song, and here we have great cosplayers going along with it. The Miku looks pretty good, and Kaito isn't too shabby as well. 

Aha! I know who this is now! Well not exactly. I don't know her name, but I do know she's from black lagoon. A pretty bold cosplay I must say, not bad at all!

Clueless me is clueless. There are tons of anime with tons of schoolgirls in them, so its pretty hard for me to tell. Well nevertheless, school girls are always good.

Sword? I don't know who this is once again, but...swords are good! Not too bad of a cosplay overall I must say.

No cosplay event would be complete without K-on! Yipee........wait..WHERES RITSU!?!! Well other than that, these are an okay bunch. I must say, I like the Mio the most, standing all the way to the left. Good stuff.

Moar vocaloids, you dig? Its love is war again, and this time its Miku, Luka and Len? This is my first time seeing Love is war Luka and Len so props there.

Persona!!!!!!! As a huge persona fan, it is great to see a whole crew of persona 4 characters together. But like the K-on group, they are missing Kanji! And teddy too! Ah well, group shots increase the awesomeness factor by 10!

Kimono girls always get me, because I have no idea who most of them are. I would Rin and Len, but that would be so wrong because I don't remember anything like that from them. Aside from that, this is a pretty good looking duo.

See what I mean!? More kimono girls, and I have no idea what characters they are or where they are from. Moar info needed! Watch all the kimono girl animes!

A-A-A-Angel beatsss!!!! Have been seeing many Angel beats character cosplayers in these events, and this year its no different. Otonashi ftw dude, like the hair and pose.

Erm..meow! Cat girl on the right, eye patch girl on the left....nope, doesn't ring a bell. However, the girl on the right is pretty cute, props there.

Witch! Well I guess that's what she is.  Kinda cute, but that's all she needs though. No idea what anime she's from, once again.

What the heck is with the aladin get-up? Oh well, I like the center girl the most. Kimono girls again! But unfortunately, I have no idea who these 3 characters are.

YEAH! Sasori is awesome, and so is this cosplay. He even brought along a freaking life size puppet! Nice job dude!

A group of characters....all of which I have never seen before. I guess as a group, they do look better. Now if only I knew who they were...

It actually took me quite awhile to realize the awesomeness in this pic. Its the summon beings from the crew in baka test! F**king awesome man! Love it! Group factor awesomeness multiplied by 10!

I'm going to assume here. Its that flower innocence from general cross in D.grayman. Am I right? If I'm wrong, meh, then I got no clue. If I'm right, its because this cosplay is good. Yeah.

Black rock shooter as a guy. I am usually against this, but since there aren't any legit black rock shooter cosplayers this time round (noooo), this is okay. Needs some love for black rock shooter.

Clueless. But...if they are gonna go like this with the ears, I'm gonna assume chobits! Quite a cute pair here.

HERE WE ARE! League cosplayer number 2, and its f**king karthus! Damn son, gonna reqiuem some noobs are we? Nice stuff going on here. As I said, its great to see some love for League, being the great game that it is.

A little clueless looking Shana here. She short and tiny, which is how Shana should be, awesome stuff! And looking clueless kind of adds to the cuteness factor. Love it!

A little bit blur, but its pretty obvious that its Noctis. We always gotta have a Noctis or two in these events. Not bad.

Ohhh shiettt! Words can't express I was thinking when I saw a Sena cosplay. It may not be the best but I WON'T COMPLAIN. I'll have to say that this was a pretty freaking awesome cosplay. Sena FTW!

And again we have a Yoko cosplay. I can't remember which year was it, but there was a pretty awesome looking Yoko at cosplay some time ago (its in one of my previous Cosfest posts). This one isn't so awesome, but at least she looks the part, no complaints here.

Dynasty warriors! Personally, I am not a fan of the game at all (I honestly think it sucks), but this is a pretty damn good cosplay. The clothes and weapons were pretty well made.

Some sort of princess? I don't know what anime or game she is from, but man she is quire pretty. Sitting on the floor and looking up always gets me.

 He (or she, I don't know), was actually playing the violin like a pro while everyone was taking pictures. I assume black butler, because of that get up.

 A weird trio. I assume some ghost or demon slaying anime, with the swords and stuff. Not too bad I must say.

So....what is this? I am clueless about this character. Ah well, at least it doesn't look bad.

Hollow Ichigo bitches! Not the best I've seen, but this is pretty good, with that menacing look and all. Props for the sword.

Nurse Miku! Which is of course, friggin awesome! Miku is fine and all but we need some more variations of her! This is a good example.

Are you serious? Digimon?!? This is that one evolution of veemon, which is dumb. At least we get something funny and funky once in awhile.

This girl is pretty hot, and if I'm not wrong, she's cosplaying a character from panty and stocking, something that I probably will never watch. Pretty good.

The flames of vengeance baby! Ghost rider is here to kick your ass dawg! The chain could have been better, but overall this is quite likable.

Payday anyone? The game was okay, and I can say that the cosplay is probably better than most missions in the game. LOL! Nice job.

One piece! Damn son might be a little glaring, but the girl is hot, that much I can say. Probably seen  them in some other event, since they look familiar.

More Ahri! This time with another girl with fox ears down there. Since when did Ahri have two split selves? Oh well.

Clueless as usual. A red unicorn with a weapon? Never heard of it, nope. Not at all. Overall its not bad.

Rozen maiden crew! Group shot factor x 10. Cosplayers always look so much better as a group sometimes, and this is no different.

One piece again. Luffy is being dragged away by some other guy, and this is funny. Great cosplay by both guys.

Yay more League! This time its Ashe! Great to see a good amount of League cosplayers this time, and this Ashe is loooking goooood!

Kaito and Miku? Gakupo and Miku? I don't know, all I know is that its more Miku. Variation people, variation.

Dead or alive! I don't play the game, so I don't know the girl on the right. But I DO know Kasumi...because you know....hentai and doujinshi and shit.

I told myself I wouldn't go home without a picture of someone cosplaying Yuzuhira Inori, and here she is! Inori is awesome, and this cosplayer does it well. Me like!

A group of weirdos. I can only recognise 2 of them. Sub zero is one, and the l4d hunter is the other. Other than that we get a sparta looking dude, a claw lady and a zombie looking lady? Pretty good group shot.

Yay! More vocaloid exposure that ISN'T Miku. Its freaking SeeU dammit! Its my 1st time seeing a SeeU cosplay and doing it with the cat pose and all is just soooo awesome. 

Pole girl? No idea who this character is, that is because I don't have enough exposure to anime probably. Not bad.

I love me some Moriama Shiemi, and this Shiemi is pretty cute! With that little grass summon of hers she looks just like a Shiemi would. Nice job!

Just cleared 13-2, it left a bad taste in my mouth, but here's some love for the game. Serah and Hope together posing is kind of cool, there's even a Noel I missed out in the back.

That's all for the pictures! But now as with all Gamer--freakz tradition I will be posting my top 5 cosplay pictures for the event. These are just opinion, and I prefer these way more than the rest. Without further ado I present...

Top 5 Cosplays of Cosfest 2012 July Re-run

Come on. COME ON! THIS IS FKING AMAZING! Cardboard gundam cosplayers? FK THAT SHIT! THIS IS HOW YOU DO GUNDAM YOU IDIOTS! This is probably the most detailed costume amongst all the other freaking costumes in the damn Cosfest. The armor, lights and everything else looks so cool. There was probably only one close contender to compare with this guy....

And its this guy! I don't know where this guy came from, but his suit and design is every bit as awesome as the white gundam above! The gundam has a sword and a shield, this guy has a freaking minigun! Too awesome, my jaw simply dropped when I saw these 2 cosplayers, tooooo badass for me, way too badass! The amount of detail on the 2 costumes is just too awesome for others to even compare!

A freaking reaper! I don't care what others say, this was one of my favorite cosplays of the entire day. Why? He captures the spirit of a reaper. He is tall, probably standing at about 2 meters  and his scythe is pretty huge. He looks menacing as hell, and that just fits this guy so well! I see kids standing away from him, due to his sheer awesome-ness!

My favorite female cosplayer today. Not only is Saber one of my favorite anime girls, we get Saber Alter, and her outfit is so freaking awesome! You don't see much here, but everything from the hair, armor, to the sword is freaking badass and detailed! And even that eyepiece and face protector armor makes her all the more badass. Badass female cosplayers? Of course they exist! This here is a perfect example dammit!

This is the best group cosplay hands down. Not only do they have the whole class of type-0 here (14 of them, holy shit!), all of them look awesome and true to their wiki character counterparts (I have yet to play the game). My personal favorite among all of them is Sice (Look at her and that scythe!), just because I like badass girls :p. NOW WHEN THE HELL IS THE GAME COMING OUT IN ENGLISH, I"M STARTING TO LOOSE MY PATIENCE. YOU BETTER NOT FK WITH ME SQUARE!

Allll right! Now that all my pictures are up, its time for me to go open up the goodies I got. This was a day late (I usually post my event photos up the moment I get hope). These were taken yesterday, and due to school work, I can't go today T.T(FUCK YOU SCHOOL). So yeah..only one day this time round. Of course, I'll finish this up with something I will always say.

I can't wait to go for cosfest next year.

Peace out!