Its been a long time, but here we are again with "Top 5 badass villians", featuring games! As always, I'll get straight to the point. 5 villians from 5 games, each of which I think stands out as an awesome villain in their own right. As usual, its all based on opinion, so don't go hating.

Spoilers for the following games:

Valkyria chronicles
Knights in the nightmare 
Solatorobo:Red the hunter
Star ocean:The last hope international
Shin megami tensei:Persona 4

Behold! Emperor douchebag!

From:Valkyria chronicles

First up, the faggy emperor from Valkyria chronicles, and he earns the 5th spot today for a badass villian. Being the major antagonist in the game, he's got most of the villian part covered, but what makes him such a villian?

First off Maxillian is an immediate asshole when you look at him. You first see him at the valkyria ruins in the desert up close with one of his generals Selveria. Being a complete cocky asshole, he says to meet you in the battlefield alone with his great tank, the Marmota (Which is indeed a crazy powerful vehicle). There he completely regards all of your units as lowly idiots for challenging him, and true enough, you can't quite damage his tank.

He's pretty much another spoilt emperor that thinks he's a god. He treats his generals like they're tools. He pretty much sends Selveria to her death after she fails him twice, telling her to use the self destruct power that she possesses. And after all is said and done, he was the one who wanted to attack the neutral land of Gallia because of the ragnite there, all to boost his army and attain his status of a god. He has a sympathatical past, I'll give him that, and that only makes him more memoriable

Who ever knew Maria's other half was such a bitch?

From:Knights in the nightmare

Next up we have Melissa, Maria's incredibly annoying and bitchy other half. I know her role of a villian isn't that big until very late into the game, but she still deserves a spot here as a memoriable villian.

First things first, the only reason why I remembered Melissa was because of Maria, who in my opinion is the way better character. Melissa was the one flying menace that was any treat at all whatsoever to Maria. Okay maybe threat isn't the right word, more like obstacle. Melissa, being Maria's other half, was also seeking the Ancardia, and they often crossed swords during the game for it.

Melissa is annoying because she is ALWAYS bitching about the ancardia, like some annoying sad ghost. Each and every cutscene with her shows her roaming around sadly as she whines about not being able to find the ancardia. However, her final confrontation with the Maria and the king proved to be one of the best in gaming history. With her transformation to Melad Margus, she became a badass demonic angel that was capable of complete utter destruction. SCARY!

Doctors/professors always end up being bad.

From:Solatorobo:Red the hunter

Baion is one of those crazy doctor villians that manages to be evil and memoriable (alongide dr willy and many others). More than capable of being a memoriable villian, he takes the number 3 spot today.

Baion is just like all scientists when they first started out. Another fresh mind that wanted to learn more about the great unknown. Unfortunately, that changed when he created the hybrids to mix the best of both species together, he grew thirsty for perfection. He saw imperfection in the cainus, and with that, he concluded that war would continue between the species...and he decides to shut them down.

Baion thinks that the cainu species should be destroyed because they are basically the same as humans, a species that would never stop fighting and would eventually destroy themselves. He created the hybrids for perfection to stop the cainus, and to help revive the old weapons of war to aid with the destruction. Also, it so happened that he created Red, the 3rd failed hybrid, and this alone makes him epic. The one most epic moment in the game was during the final battle, where the battle between father and son took place. That setting never gets old.

Points for badass armor.

2.Apostle of creation .aka. Faize
From:Star ocean:The last hope

The apostle of creation is one of those villians where appears during the very last minute of the game and accepts you to acknowledge them. I'm not too big of a fan of these types of villians, but there's an exception for this guy, and those who played the game will probably know why.

The apostle is actually Faize, who went to blow himself up during a battle in space. Everyone who thought Faize to be dead totally went batshit insane during the last fight. Lymle, Edge, Reimi...everyone except Arumat basically, and that moment was priceless (though lets be honest, we all at some point of the game for Faize to be the last boss).

Change was the key. Faize couldn't accept the change that had to keep the universe going, and lead to the fall of some civilizations, like the previous earth. Also, lets not forget that one girl that he took a liking to in the planet with all the cat people (I forget the planet name). When he found her dead as a sacrifice, he probably went crazy there, and that awoken his power. He kept the fact to himself, and that probably led him to become the apostle of creation. Tragic, really.

The true villian behind the midnight channel!

From:Shin megami tensei:Persona 4

In the number one spot today, we have a character I think is long overdue to appear in my series, and he is none other than Adachi from Persona 4.

I didn't know why I never put Adachi in my top 5 badass villians before, because he is just a freaking badass! When you all thought him to be your regular old rookie policeman, he gets all evil face and starts freaking the shit out of you. When you finally found out that he's the villian and he starts showing his true know shit just got real.

Adachi is really just another sick bastard. He was the one who caused Amano and Konishi's death, the first two victims of the serial murder case, and after that, he went to brainwash Nametame into doing his job through some clever talking. Nametame was stuffing people into TVs, but it was all Adachi who was the main mastermind. Eventually he comes up with a reason that he was just bored and that being stuff in the quiet town of Yasoinaba was just too much for him, and he wanted to play something interesting. A sick bastard indeed.

Thats all for this episode fellas! Peace out!