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Girl dogs ! Woof~ (Inukami! review)

Opening songs
OP 1-Hikari (Yui Horie)

Ending songs
ED 1-Yuujo Monogatari (Aice5)

Genre:Action, Comedy, Romance


Getting pretty busy due to the crazy amount of school work, poor me. Today's anime review will be in focus of Inukami. It is definitely an old show, and the it is further shown by the animation style and standard. It is in no way a lousy anime though, in fact, I enjoyed it quite a bit, and in many ways, it reminded me of Kaibutsu oujo. Male main character surrounded by female characters that fight monsters every episode. At times, it is funny, and  some parts can be rather satisfactory to watch. With some harem elements and good amounts of comedy, Inukami is a pretty good watch for those looking for something along these lines.

Harem! But instead of cat girls, we have dog girls!

The opening song is "Hikari" by Yui Horie, and to be honest, it is freaking catchy. It instantly became my favorite Yui Horie song when I first heard it. For an old anime, it has a pretty damn awesome opening song and some nice opening animations that were pretty cool. The ending is "Yuujo Monogatari" by Aice5, and well.....I actually like it. Lol don't blame me it is pretty catchy. And I basically remember it for its ridiculously funny animations and catchy tunes. Not bad!


I honestly think Inukami is a good anime. It is constant throughout all the episodes, it provides good amounts of laughter, there are a TON of girls (by a ton i mean a TON), and the concepts of Inukamis and the Inukami tsukais are pretty cool. It also gets and ACTUAL plot later on, and snowballs into something somewhat epic towards the end. There is some sense of betrayal and emotion, so it actually becomes more than a brainless or pure fanservice/comedy anime. Lets not forget, I freaking love Keita as a main character, and his constant bickering with Yoko is just gold.

The moment where you realize that you are stripped of your clothers in public.

Well you probably already know, our main character is a chap known as Keita. He is an Inukami tsukai, and an extreme pervert. He and his Inukami Yoko, work together as they accept jobs to defeat stray demons and monsters. While Inukamis are supposed to listen to their masters, Keita and Yoko share a very strange relationship. Yoko simply likes to toy with Keita, as she gets jealous of his actions as he goes to flirt or peep at other girls. She does so by simply stripping him in public with her teleportation magic, teleporting his clothes away. Brilliant! Dive into the world of Inukami as you watch Keita's and Yoko's daily lives, as they accept jobs to take down daily evil.....and to watch Keita get undoubtedly embarrassed by Yoko's constant mischief.

Inukami is....well, enjoyable. Its old, but that shouldn't stop devoted anime lovers to watch it. It was a fun experience, and I'm sure those who are willing to look past the dated visuals will find it entertaining as well. If you look generic comedy, harem and some quirky stuff here and there, Inukami is for you. Now only if they stay away from making OVAs like Kaibutsu would be perfect.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Best of the console:PS2

This was just a little something I thought of. The NDS and the PSP are coming to their ends. The 3DS and VITA are currently dominating the handheld scene, and I will eventually get those 2 when their prices drop to reasonable levels. And when that happens, the PSP and NDS are going to just collect dust in my cupboard until the end of time. I will do a post about the best games on PSP and NDS when that time comes, but for now, something from the past....

Yes, the long lost PS2! The PS2 is already freaking dead for quite awhile now, but here I am doing a post about the best 5 games it had TO ME. I have not played EVERY PS2 game so don't expect me to share the same thoughts as some of you guys. Just a little reflection on how bad ass the PS2 was as a console. I present....

The best of PS2!.......


Name: Jak 3
From: Naughty dog

To the guys who are doing the Uncharted series right now, you are freaking awesome. The Jak series was one of my FAVORITES during the PS2 era. It was actually the first free roaming/open world series I ever dived into, and it was fun as hell. Back as a kid I didn't enjoy GTA as it was far too boring and realistic for me (it still is in my opinion), so I kind of went to Jak. 

Jak 3 however, the last game of the series, was my favorite. It was the game in which Jak has the most tools, utilities and powers to make the game ever so interesting. The introduction of light mode was incredibly cool, and journeys to the tombs provided great puzzle and intrigue. The combat was also much better. Jak has way more guns than he did in Jak 2, and there was even a "racing" side activity where you get to use cars and roam around the desert.  

Lets not forget everything Jak was known for. The story was at its climax, and there was A LOT to like. The characters we all know from Jak 2, and the now beaten up haven city.....Jak 3 was an amazing game. Lets not forget, beating up security guards was still as fun as it was in Jak 2.

Name: Odin sphere
From: Vanillaware

Just so you know, I am a die hard Vanillaware fan, and I have only played a grand total of ONE of their games. And guess what, that game is Odin sphere. Not only was it immensely beautiful in terms of its visuals and sprites, it had one of the best stories I had ever brought myself to. It also re-lit my love for side scrolling games since the Megaman era, and though this played nothing like Megaman, I enjoyed every minute of the game.

You star as a little girl who reads through 5 books, all of which explaining a different chapter of the Odin sphere story. As the girl reads each book, you play as one of 5 major important characters to the storyline, each and every one with their interesting story and experience. The combat was fun and challenging, dieing was a common thing in the game. Bosses and big monsters confront you every level, making the game a thrilling experience.

But of course, the best part of Odin sphere, the story and characters. There was so much going on that was so interesting I'm surprised that my head didn't go into an infinite spasm.  There were many things that Odin sphere had going (cooking, upgrades and much more), and it didn't disappoint me one bit. I am SO looking forward to Dragon's crown.

Name: Shin Megami Tensei:Persona 3

As you all should probably know now I am an Atlus fanboy. More importantly, a Persona fanboy. I freaking LOVE the persona series. I played 3, 4 and the remake for the 1st game on the PSP....and P3P. 3 and 4 were my absolute favorites, and now, lets talk about persona 3.

Persona 3 was the game to lead me into the world of Shin Megami Tensei. Persona 3 was the first dating sims game I played....and it included RPG elements, dungeon crawling AND an awesome story. The characters were likable (though I much prefer persona 4's cast), the story settings were great, and there was just lots to love. Being the chosen wielders of the personas to be able to fight shadows that appear in the hidden hour of the day where no normal humans can see? F**k yeah.

The battle system was fun, fusing personas to get new abilities was fun, dating girls and getting dumped by others was fun. THERES SO MUCH FUN IN THIS GAME! The only real issue was the repetitive dungeon and the poor ai. Good thing you get to fix the ai to direct control in the PSP port. All in all, it was an awesome game that drew me to an awesome franchise. 

Name: Kingdom Hearts II
From: Square Enix

To many people, Square died when it transitioned from Square Soft, to Square Enix. While Square soft made more solid Final fantasy games, Square Enix brought my one of my PS2 favorites to life, and it was the Kingdom Hearts series. Disney characters plus Final fantasy characters in a game together, what the f**k???? Yeah, suck it up, and like it or not, it was a HUGE success. Kingdom hears was great, but the game I'm covering here is Kingdom Hearts II.

Not all sequels are better, but Kingdom Hearts II improved in almost EVERY way possible. Combat, characters, exploration, gumi ship travel and much much more. The story was great, but in my opinion the first game had a more "epic" story going on...still, it doesn't subtract from the experience at all. Sora now looks like a true teen, not a kid, and that is further shown with his voice and attire. The introductions of nobodies, the return of the heartless and addition of new villains made everything all the more interesting.

My biggest favorite thing about Kingdom Hearts II, is the improved combat. Not only do we get to fight new Nobody type enemies, we get tons of new additions, like form changes, limit breaks, and extended combos! Also, the addition of organization XIII convinced me that there was a bad guy organization out there that was as cool as, if not cooler than, the Akatsuki and the Espada. NOW WHERES KINGDOM HEARTS III!?

Name:Shin Megami Tensei:Persona 4

Yes yes, you all should know already, this is my hands down favorite PS2 game. As I said I enjoyed Persona 3 to no tomorrow. Take that already amazing game, improve it, give it a better story, better exploration and better get my favorite PS2 game of all time. And that game is none other than Persona 4.

Persona 4  is the pinnacle of JRPGs.  It has everything that a JRPG has, but better. The combat system is further improved from persona 3, with team combos, characters that take the last hit of death for you, and follow up team attacks, there is a lot to like. Fusing of personas remain in tact, and there are even more persona than before. The dungeons are a lot more fun and varied to explore, and unlike Persona 3 where you just climb on and on in tarrterus , you have motivation in persona 4 to revisit old dungeons to kill extra bosses.

The best thing about Persona 4 however, is the change of characters. The crew in Persona 4 is a more realistic and entertaining crew to hang around with. Unlike the more serious party of Persona 3, Persona 4's crew is such that you are having fun with every in game meeting with them. They're such a lovable bunch that you won't ever want the game to stop. Unfortunately, like all awesome games, it has to end.

And that was my top 5 favorite games of PS2, when I get a 3DS or VITA, I'll do a post for the NDS and PSP respectively.

Peace out!

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Aion online -Free to play-

Gamespot score:6.5 (Fair)

My score:7.0

(+)Pros:- Beautiful visuals, -Extensive character design, -PVP/PK system is pretty awesome, -Nice variety of well designed monsters and different areas, -Constantly receiving new skills is a good motivation to level up during the early 30 levels, -You can fly!

(-)Cons:- Can't trade,use auction house (Dafuq?) and more, -Voice acting and music is god awful, -Gets very grind heavy after level 25 or so.

Gameplay time:-

Okay, so I was tempted to go and play Aion online. I mean, come on. A game that used to be pay to play must have been pretty awesome. To get people to pay for an MMORPG must mean that it is way better than others...or so I thought. As a full package, it may have actually been a lot more of an enjoyable experience! Truly! But as a free to play experience....a huge chunk of the game as an MMORPG is completely sucked out. I really wanted to love this game, but after I realized the restrictions placed on the game, I quickly started to lose love for it. Nevertheless, if you can stand the lost of the trade or auction house, you can find a pretty extensive MMO here.

Unlike most MMORPGs, Aion actually had me remember part of its story. It has its own cut scenes and story implemented segments to really try and pull you into the game. Unfortunately, its not very memorable. It goes with you being the chosen one, and how you get visions of you flying over a spectrum of different winged enemies fighting each other.  Because of this, you get to fly, and use special skills that normal warriors can't. Other than that, I cannot remember much, other than you going to different continents to help out with their needs.

Say hello to my character!

The very first time you are going to boot up Aion, you will be so visually impressed by its incredible visuals. For a free MMO, this is by far some of the highest standards for graphics I have seen. From character models to environment graphics, everything looks pretty damn awesome. If your PC can run it on the highest settings, you're in for a treat. And with that, I'll just go ahead with the character design and creation. The character design is probably, at the moment, the best I have seen for any MMORPG. You can change and customize EVERY feature for your character. Height, face, shoulders, chin, mouth, lips....EVERYTHING. 

There are tons of hairstyles, eyes and face can dump at least an hour making your character. I know I did, trying to create the perfect loli assasin. There are also little bits and pieces to further make your character to your liking, like the voice of tattoos. After making your character, you're ready to dive into the game...and wow, what a beautiful game it is. Monsters of different body structure and looks are everywhere, and there is great visual variety when it comes to the areas you are going to explore. Desert areas that spread for miles, forests that with tons of breathtaking plants and trees, volcano areas that make you feel the heat, or even areas that are just a bunch of floating islands mashed together. Exploring these feel like an adventure, and to make things better, you can do it while flying!

You can fly! Like a boss!

Monsters also come in good variety, and while there are monsters that are basically just color or theme swaps, you won't really pay much heed to them since there are so much more different ones to combat. All in all you just kill these monsters for quests, like in all MMOs. However, the character progression is pretty awesome. While the game picks and adds the stats for your character for you, the motivation to keep on playing is there. You get skills every couple of levels or so, and its always exciting to get your next skill to add to your arsenal. Some skills even allow you to chain them together for combo strings, which is obviously pretty cool. Since these are given to you pretty often...its a motivation to keep going.

Another really cool thing about the game is the PVP/PK system. You start the game choosing one of two races, the Elyos and the Asmodians. In the game, the Elyos and Asmodians are at war, and at any time, if you are see a player of the opposite race, its time to fight. At any time you see an Asmodian as an Elyos player, either you or the opponent can hit and kill you or him. This is cool as it sets up for some insane large scale battles. Invade an Asmodian world through a portal as Elyos, and bring along a group of 20 players. The 20 Elyos will roam the Asmodian world and search for Asmodian foes to vanquish. Its the same for the other race. This sets up for some crazy large scale fights. There are even areas where both Asmodian and Elyos reside together...and these are where crazy shit take place.

This is a lie, you can't create this many characters in -Free to play-

Aion is a great game on its own, but as its -free to play- is not. It is missing a lot of things a free to play MMO should have. For one, we cannot use trade and the auction house. This is pure shit, as it is a must to have in EVERY MMORPG! To use it we have to be gold users, and pay for it. What? Isn't this system included in every free MMO out there? Why do we have to pay for it? There are more restrictions if you're playing this for free, but I won't go too much into them (one is that you can only create 2..2 characters!). As for the game itself...there's not much besides its god awful music and voice acting. Never have I, the moment I stepped into a MMO, turned off all volume settings immediately. It also gets grind heavy later on, which is something most MMOs also have, so its not that surprising.

Aion -Free to play- has some above average MMORPG elements and visuals that will impress every MMO fan. Its character customization and many more will put a smile on almost everyone's face. BUT! BUT! Take away the trade system and the auction house for us -free to play-  players, and you suck away a good 33% of our experience, for I think those are very important to a MMO. You'll probably love the game and stick around for a bit, but once you realize that you cannot go on without the auction house or trade system, you will start to feel a little bit dreaded.

Happy gaming.

Holy shit I am putting these out so slowly that I find myself to be so lazy and forgetful at times. So, here we go, greatest boss fights! Episode....12? Wait I'm not trying to turn this into an episode thing, so...ignore what I said. For those of you eager to beat down bosses, here's another one that I thought was pretty damn f**ked up.

This should be familiar to those who played Valkyria chronicles, it is none other than the great tank Batomys. If you have seen all my previous greatest boss fight posts, we have demons, dragons, robots and crazy magical villains. Seeing a tank may be a little strange to you guys, but believe me, I had a lot of trouble with this boss.

Since Valkyria chronicles is a lot about tactical and strategic movement, Batomys is a very cheap boss in that aspect. For one, you are fighting him on very unfavorable terrain, with very little cover to actually hide from his machine guns. If you make too much unnecessary movement, you are going to lose infantry at an incredible rate. And since I'm one of those people who hate to permanently lose squad members....this was super tough for me as I tried my best to keep people alive and rescue those who were incapacitated.

That tank is at least thrice your size....what are you thinking?!?!
First off, this is probably the first actual difficult battle in the game, and in my opinion, this was probably the hardest battle in the game (on par with the fight with Jaegar later on). Your squad is split up into 2 segments, and to top it off, there are infantry sprinkled on the side of the map that are trying to capture your furthest base (which would lead to defeat). Not only that, if you let them move too much, they'll land a fatal nade on your second group of infantry, which will probably kill or do insane damage. Your tank is forced to hide behind it, as a cannon shot from its frontal cannon will probably mean instant death.

As the Batomys proceeds, he will run over your base camps, meaning you can't recall any units that have been downed already. Another stupid thing is that the machine guns on this monster are so stupidly powerful that they can drop your infantry nearly INSTANTLY when they get up from cover. Hell, even if you remain crouched, if you aren't sitting behind a wall or something, you still take quite a substantial amount of damage from those ridiculous guns. And of course, like all tanks, you can only hurt those things with rockets, so get those lancers ready.

You must be mad trying to shoot that thing with a gun.

Once his guns are down, things get slightly better, but turn for the worse once again pretty quickly. For one, you have to deal with the soldiers that want to chip off your tank with the lancers. Then, as the Batomys rolls over your base camps, you have to delay its advance by properly shooting down walls that are laid all around the map to stop him from moving. He has to shoot those walls down to advance. Whenever the Batomys opens fire on the walls, he reveals his ONLY weak spot. The energy cylinders that pop out of his sides. It is REALLY hard to hit those with incoming fire, and you have 2 approaches to this. One, hit them with tanks or lancers. Two, send an engineer up there and fling a nade into the cylinder to instantly blow it up.

First of all, after you down a cylinder, it keeps the rest, and you have to wait for the tank to fire another shot to reveal the other ones. To make things even WORSE, Selveria will show up to the other side of the map and start to advance to your squad, not good. This is where things get stupid. Selveria is COMPLETELY invunerable, and she can down your infantry without even trying. Now you have to take down the already monstrous Batomys alongside dealing with Selveria. I retried this segment NUMEROUS times, as Selveria kept on downing my infantry and the enemy infantry just kept killing off my people.

After you down all cylinders, the Batomys isn't exactly done. You know have to take out its frame exterior. This is where he shows that he is almost down, as you can see the entire tank up in smokes. Now you can take it down normally with lance shots, but you see, the freaking Batomys itself has a shiload of health, and swarming him with lancers isn't going to get the job done in one turn, as you will run out of ammo and you need your engineer to refill them. Even at this phase, you aren't safe, as Selveria will still "Hang around" to beat your lancers and engineers into the ground. After you take him down (you will roughly need 20 turns), THEN you're granted victory.


Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3-
Part 4-
Part 5-
Part 6-
Part 7-

As you can see this is a long ass fight. Props to the guy who did this, for what was worth, that was a pretty good play despite him not knowing how to properly counter Batomys. I take no credit for these videos.

Opening songs
OP 1-Hacking to the gate (Kanako Ito)

Ending songs
ED 1-Tokitsukasadoru Jūni no Meiyaku (Sakakibara Yui)

Genre: Drama, Psychological, Science fiction, Romance


You have not seen anything quite like Steins;Gate, I guarantee it. It isn't terribly old, while it aired last year as an anime, Steins;Gate started off as a visual novel (I finished it already, review coming soon). It was from the makers of Chaos;Head, one of my absolute favorite animes of all time. Insane amount of mind bending f**kery and other factors made it an absolute blast to watch. Now with Steins;Gate, it brings a somewhat similar theme to the table, and while it has a more realistic feel to it this time round (Chaos;Head has people poofing swords out of nowhere dammit!), it is still incredibly enjoyable. While it takes quite awhile for the anime to fire on all cylinders, when it starts to do so, you won't want to stop watching.

Welcome to the lab mother f**ker!

Steins:Gate has an amazing opening song. While its only one song for an entire 24 episode anime, it is freaking amazing, and I have to say I'm absolutely addicted to it. "Hacking to the gate" is its name, and its a song that fits the anime in every way possible. The song is weird, it has beats and rhythms that other songs don't, and the vocals from Kanako Ito are just amazing. TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS IN ONE SONG. Lets not forget the opening animations, they are awesome as well. The ending is "Tokitsukasadoru Jūni no Meiyaku" by Sakakibara Yui. Its a nice song, and while it has an overall slow feel, its not terrible. I prefer her faster and more bad ass songs though.


If you can't tell already, I love Steins;Gate. While it has quite a boring and uninteresting start, it really starts to kick it up as moves on. The beginning 5 or 6 episodes have nothing interesting or exciting, and the explanations on some scientific theories can be boring, but when the characters start to do some legit time experimentation, things start to get a lot more intriguing. And speaking of characters, all the characters in Steins;Gate are awesome in their own way. I grew to like all the main characters, and while it looks like a harem with all the girls, it is NOT. DO NOT mistake it for your typical harem anime. Hell the anime doesn't even make it feel like a harem. You'll definitely be more interested in its epic plot than the girls (Though the girls are pretty nice).

Spoken like a true mad scientist!

Okabe Rintarou is his name, and he is a MAD SCIENTIST. Yes, that's our main character right here, NOT SOME REGULAR HIGH SCHOOL KID! Okabe (aka HOUIN KYOUMA!) is a highly delusional guy that thinks the entire world is against him. He likes to do experiments with his friend Daru in a rented apartment which he calls "The lab". He often makes delusions that the 'organization' is on to him and believes that his experiments can change the world.

One day though, when he goes to a conference with his childhood friend Mayuri to listen to a professor's lecture, he runs into a girl genius known as Makise Kurisu. After the conference, he finds Kurisu stabbed and killed. With that image burned into his mind, he sends a message to his friend Daru. But after that, the world starts to warp, and he realizes that what he saw never happened. He asks his Mayuri, but she remembers nothing, and everyone regards what he says as pure gibberish. What happened?  SOMETHING BADASS OF COURSE! WATCH TO FIND OUT MORE!

Well, I love this anime, in my eyes it is worthy of a 9 out of 10. But...the beginning is a little bit too dry for that. A 9/10 anime is one that can keep your eyes glued to the screen from start to end, and you will want to watch over 6 episodes a day rather than taking it slow. Well this anime achieved that, but only after a certain point where it becomes seriously interesting. The starting few episodes? Not so. Still, this is something I can recommend to everyone who watches anime. Haven't watched Steins;Gate? Get your ass to it, RIGHT NOW!


Time to move on with my favorite (or favourite, blogger says my spelling is wrong, but wiki says its right either way) anime characters. Last time we stopped at Drrr!, but now that Baccano! is in my list of nice anime, I'll have to add it in. If the title isn't obvious enough, today's 3 animes in particular are Baccano!, Fate/Stay night (or the Fate series in particular) and Freezing.

 Baccano! is pretty awesome and so is freezing (if you like boobies). Fate/Stay night is something really popular but I only found it to be slightly above average at best (yeah flame me if you want). Fate/Zero is the kickass one, and while I have yet to start on the 2nd season I can already smell its awesome-ness.

Spoilers for these 3 animes, of course.



Baccano! is a great example of "you have to see it to believe it". At first I showed no interest in it, but after the first couple of episodes I started to lose myself in its story. The concept of mob and mafia wars mixed in with bits and pieces of alchemy logic is really fascinating. It bears great similarities to Durarara! (Same makers I believe) so if you like that, this is an easy recommendation.

Yes, its a girl, not some pretty boy.

So if you read my blog or knew me long enough, you would now that there's one type of girl I like the most. Yeap, the badass kind. Since its not easy to find those in real life, anime provides some in these area (yeah its pretty hard to find badass girls in anime too). In my opinion, there are 2 badass girls in Bacanno, Chane and Rachel. While Chane is pretty cool too, Rachel proves that she is more "human" than Chane in so many ways, and because of that, I choose Rachel!

So why is Rachel a badass? Number one, she boards the flying pussyfoot as an "Information gatherer" knowing that there would be an ongoing mafia fight on board, she goes there to get information. That just means she's putting herself in harms way just to get a job done, no big deal there. But here, Rachel's not just some regular girl who screams when she's in danger, she's like a freaking ninja dammit! When the white clothed people invaded the passenger cabin, she was the first to slip out through a window before things got messy...without anyone knowing. NINJA!

So she clings on the train sides and maneuvers around the train like a spider. The ability to be so dodgy and ninja-like already makes me like her, and then she runs into the rail tracer in the train. The normal people in the train will already run like mad when they see the rail tracer. Rachel herself goes to check him out personally before backing off, screaming like a girl (lol this scene). Whats even better is after the flying pussyfoot incident, Rachel got to meet Claire, and they even went for lunch together! Here we get to see the more feminine and human side of her, where she offers some dating advice to Claire and laugh to some lame jokes together like old friends. Awesome!

Bathing yourself in blood always proves your manliness!

Hell yes! Seeing as the majority of the Baccano! fan base loves Claire, I have to go with the flow and agree with them, because Claire is simply BADASS! A regular guy with girl problems by day, and a merciless killer known as the Rail tracer by night, Claire Stanfield is just all sorts of awesomeness packed into one person. First off, he's the youngest of the Stanfield brothers (if I remember correctly), and he likes to give himself various names, the most recent one being the rail tracer.

He is a master deceiver. Aboard the flying pussyfoot, he acts being a train conductor and a helpless man. When he was assaulted by the other train conductor, he showed his true colors and went ahead to get information out of the other dude. His method of torture is simply ridiculous! Holding the other guy against the train tracks while the train is moving at its own insane speed, and then he proceeds to get info out the other guy. If he doesn't comply, he shoves the other guy's arm onto the train tracks...and you see red stuff flying all over. He does this until he gets the information he wants, then proceeds to kill the other guy by shoving his face to the tracks. Bloody..but awesome!

After bathing himself in blood and making himself the rail tracer, he goes around scaring and killing folks around the flying pussyfoot like a true madman. His rail tracer persona is easily my favorite, but as a normal man, he works well too. When the incident is over he decides to pursue Chane as his love, and during this part, he acts like a sarcastic normal young man. He goes to Rachel and they have lunch, he asks her for advice. This is one of the best scenes in the the anime in my opinion, since these are both my favorite characters in Baccano!

Claire and Rachel having lunch together....awesome!

Fate/Stay night

I was kind of inclined to put it as the "Fate series", rather than just Fate/Stay night, because my favorite character for the recurring series in the franchise will still be the same anyone. This sentence alone kind of gives away my favorite character already, and you all should be a fan of her too! If you aren't why the hell are you even watching Fate!?

Be honest with yourself, this is how you got into the Fate series.

Yes, yes I know, this is how it is. The only reason why I looked into Fate, was because I saw tons of Saber fan art. I went like "hey, this girl looks familiar", and soon I went like "a female knight eh, I'll give it a shot". That's how I got into Fate/Stay night. And well, like most other guys in the world, I soon grew to like Saber. Both as a girl, a knight, and a character. I mean, who the hell fights with an invisible sword?!

Okay lets dive into the lore of Saber first. Saber is a legendary spirit summoned into the holy grail war, within the Saber class of course. The Saber class is known to be the strongest amongst all the classes, and this alone proves her strength. The true identity of Saber is Arturia Pendragon, or also known as, King Arthur. What? King Arthur, a girl? That's right. She was the one to lift the legendary sword Excalibur from the stone, and because of that, she was to be dubbed king. But having a girl as a king was wrong, so she faked to be a male, and even married to another woman to further extend herself as a king. But no matter what she did, she was still but a girl, ouch. Now that's deep.

In Fate/Stay night, Saber was a true knight. Knowing that Shiro was a weak and unaccomplished magician, she volunteered to stay back at his home since she knew he could not perform the concealing magic on her. She wanted to protect him as a servant, and told Shiro to use a command seal if he were to ever come into danger. Saber is a strong servant, even though she had a weak magus supporting her and she couldn't fight to her full potential, she holds her own and has defeated the likes of Rider, Assassin, and even Berserker (with the help of Shiro). She also has a girly side to her, when Shiro takes her shopping she goes all moe over a lion stuffed toy. Cute!


Blood, boobs and panty shots, that is what defines Freezing as an anime. As you can tell, those 3 things combined together makes this an anime that all guys can easily enjoy. It has some solid fight scenes, and I do enjoy the fanservice (come on, I'm a guy). You probably already guessed from my Freezing review though.....

You want some? I'll slice you into 17 pieces.

Satellizer is mother effing sexy. She is easily the hottest amongst all of the girls in Freezing (though I think Elizabeth has the best fighting style), and she is badass to boot. Wanting to pick a fight with almost EVERY freaking pandora in the school, and easily earns points for being a badass hot chick! No matter who you are, be it a freshman, a sophomore or a freaking senior, Satellizer doesn't care, she just beats the shit out of you!

Satellizer, though she is an emo, talk to no one, kill everything that upsets me kind of person, has a reason to be that way. Her past is not one to brag about, having to move from one relative's house to another because her family is in pure shambles, she isn't exactly the most lucky girl around. To top it off, she gets abused when she was young by the other people, and even gets sexually molested during the night when everyone else is asleep. This went on for years until one of the more responsible people found out and told her to leave the place. Because of that, she now becomes a merciless badass that just beats everyone into the freaking ground!

Of course her character development throughout the anime was pretty good as well. After meeting Kazuya, she became a way more peaceful person (though she still picks fights with others who want to mess with her) , and started to learn how to trust others. Her fighting ability is outmatched, even by the Seniors. She is a sophomore, and her strength bothers the seniors, so they take it out on her like the faggots they are. 3rd years picking on 2nd years just because they are strong, what idiots. Well since this is anime, they lose to her and hate her even more. Lets not forget the fact that she slowly starts to accept Kazuya, and they practically become lovers at the end of the series!

That's all for now folks, peace out!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cosfest 2012 ~July re-run~

Okay so I was wrong before, saying that Cosfest 2012 was way earlier than it was in 2011. In fact, Cosfest was supposed to have 2 runs a year, one in February and one in July. So of course, I went to Cosfest yesterday, since it is an AWESOME event where cosplayers go to. There are a TON of cosplayers here, and I can get the most pictures in Cosfest more than any other cosplay or anime event.

I brought my camera this time, so the pictures won't be too terrible....I hope. Once again you have to forgive my terrible photography because not every is born to take photos!

Alright here we go!

First up, Lightning! Its like Lightning cosplayers are a must in these events now, why? Not that I'm complaining though, good cosplay is still good. The detail on the armor and weapon is pretty well done. Still, I have yet to really a Lightning cosplay that has knocked my socks off.

I am clueless about this, but I'm just going to assume that this is a God eater cosplay....because dat weapon. Good to see god eater getting some attention this year, probably people getting hyped for god eater 2 though.

I can't remember  2 of their character names, but I do know a Dizzy when I see one! Dayum girl looking good there! Rare to see Guilty gear cosplayers, and seeing them  like that shows that people still care about the game, despite it being buried by blazblue.

Akatsuki! Group shot = multiply the awesomeness factor. I say all of them look good in their own individual ways, but I gotta say I like the Deidara the most. The Hidan comes as a very close second though.

I don't know 2 of them, but I can definitely say that Lucy is in there , so I assume these are all fairy tail cosplayers (I don't watch fairy tail). Not bad.

Madoka! I still haven't watched it, but its dead obvious. She's everywhere dammit! And right there beside her is Homura. There are probably more Madoka cosplayers later on, so I'll get to it later. These 2 are pretty good, that much I can say.

Miku with claws? Must be one of those weird ass songs with her trying to kill people again. Pretty good overall, though I must say the amount of Miku's aren't letting up.

Now this I am not too sure. Another Madoka? The hair style seems similar so I am just going to assume.

Not too sure once again. I think its Miku and someone else? I don't know man. The blond one looks pretty good imo.

Shit its Beatrice! Run for your lives people!!!!! I have not seen a single Umineko cosplay so this was suprising to me. Nice costume!

Clueless, absolutely clueless about this. Lol. Well I have no idea what I just took but hey, at least its people in traditional chinese clothing. The left guy looks totally out of place though. I wonder what anime this is..

Clueless once again, but I took it anyway. The center girl looks out of place, but if I'm going to guess...the closest thing that comes to my mind is black butler. Lol me.

I have a habit to assume that any cosplaying girl with green is Miku, just because there are always a ton of Mikus in these events. I have no idea about the guy, looks like a Butler of sorts.

Now this! This I cannot complain about. Hachikuji Mayoi is one of my favorite characters of Bakemonogatari, and seeing someone cosplay her is a first for me! A little tall to be cosplaying Hachikuji, but I don't care, good job!

More vocaloids! Miku, Rin, and someone with blue hair! But really though, I have been seeing that blue haired character quite a lot, gotta look her up when I have time.

Its Ahri! As a huge league fan I am more than happy to see some League cosplayers this time round. That's right! You didn't hear me wrong, there are quite a few League cosplayers, and there are more to come. As for this Ahri, I like it! Tails and stuff, good job.

Bunny..bunny....bunny....I don't know. Well this character doesn't seem to ring a bell at all, but the cosplay is pretty good I guess.

*Insert one winged angel music here* Well its kind of expected that sephiroth would show up in conventions. Why? BECAUSE HE'S SEPHIROTH DAMMIT! Nice job here.

Love is war is a great song, and here we have great cosplayers going along with it. The Miku looks pretty good, and Kaito isn't too shabby as well. 

Aha! I know who this is now! Well not exactly. I don't know her name, but I do know she's from black lagoon. A pretty bold cosplay I must say, not bad at all!

Clueless me is clueless. There are tons of anime with tons of schoolgirls in them, so its pretty hard for me to tell. Well nevertheless, school girls are always good.

Sword? I don't know who this is once again, but...swords are good! Not too bad of a cosplay overall I must say.

No cosplay event would be complete without K-on! Yipee........wait..WHERES RITSU!?!! Well other than that, these are an okay bunch. I must say, I like the Mio the most, standing all the way to the left. Good stuff.

Moar vocaloids, you dig? Its love is war again, and this time its Miku, Luka and Len? This is my first time seeing Love is war Luka and Len so props there.

Persona!!!!!!! As a huge persona fan, it is great to see a whole crew of persona 4 characters together. But like the K-on group, they are missing Kanji! And teddy too! Ah well, group shots increase the awesomeness factor by 10!

Kimono girls always get me, because I have no idea who most of them are. I would Rin and Len, but that would be so wrong because I don't remember anything like that from them. Aside from that, this is a pretty good looking duo.

See what I mean!? More kimono girls, and I have no idea what characters they are or where they are from. Moar info needed! Watch all the kimono girl animes!

A-A-A-Angel beatsss!!!! Have been seeing many Angel beats character cosplayers in these events, and this year its no different. Otonashi ftw dude, like the hair and pose.

Erm..meow! Cat girl on the right, eye patch girl on the left....nope, doesn't ring a bell. However, the girl on the right is pretty cute, props there.

Witch! Well I guess that's what she is.  Kinda cute, but that's all she needs though. No idea what anime she's from, once again.

What the heck is with the aladin get-up? Oh well, I like the center girl the most. Kimono girls again! But unfortunately, I have no idea who these 3 characters are.

YEAH! Sasori is awesome, and so is this cosplay. He even brought along a freaking life size puppet! Nice job dude!

A group of characters....all of which I have never seen before. I guess as a group, they do look better. Now if only I knew who they were...

It actually took me quite awhile to realize the awesomeness in this pic. Its the summon beings from the crew in baka test! F**king awesome man! Love it! Group factor awesomeness multiplied by 10!

I'm going to assume here. Its that flower innocence from general cross in D.grayman. Am I right? If I'm wrong, meh, then I got no clue. If I'm right, its because this cosplay is good. Yeah.

Black rock shooter as a guy. I am usually against this, but since there aren't any legit black rock shooter cosplayers this time round (noooo), this is okay. Needs some love for black rock shooter.

Clueless. But...if they are gonna go like this with the ears, I'm gonna assume chobits! Quite a cute pair here.

HERE WE ARE! League cosplayer number 2, and its f**king karthus! Damn son, gonna reqiuem some noobs are we? Nice stuff going on here. As I said, its great to see some love for League, being the great game that it is.

A little clueless looking Shana here. She short and tiny, which is how Shana should be, awesome stuff! And looking clueless kind of adds to the cuteness factor. Love it!

A little bit blur, but its pretty obvious that its Noctis. We always gotta have a Noctis or two in these events. Not bad.

Ohhh shiettt! Words can't express I was thinking when I saw a Sena cosplay. It may not be the best but I WON'T COMPLAIN. I'll have to say that this was a pretty freaking awesome cosplay. Sena FTW!

And again we have a Yoko cosplay. I can't remember which year was it, but there was a pretty awesome looking Yoko at cosplay some time ago (its in one of my previous Cosfest posts). This one isn't so awesome, but at least she looks the part, no complaints here.

Dynasty warriors! Personally, I am not a fan of the game at all (I honestly think it sucks), but this is a pretty damn good cosplay. The clothes and weapons were pretty well made.

Some sort of princess? I don't know what anime or game she is from, but man she is quire pretty. Sitting on the floor and looking up always gets me.

 He (or she, I don't know), was actually playing the violin like a pro while everyone was taking pictures. I assume black butler, because of that get up.

 A weird trio. I assume some ghost or demon slaying anime, with the swords and stuff. Not too bad I must say.

So....what is this? I am clueless about this character. Ah well, at least it doesn't look bad.

Hollow Ichigo bitches! Not the best I've seen, but this is pretty good, with that menacing look and all. Props for the sword.

Nurse Miku! Which is of course, friggin awesome! Miku is fine and all but we need some more variations of her! This is a good example.

Are you serious? Digimon?!? This is that one evolution of veemon, which is dumb. At least we get something funny and funky once in awhile.

This girl is pretty hot, and if I'm not wrong, she's cosplaying a character from panty and stocking, something that I probably will never watch. Pretty good.

The flames of vengeance baby! Ghost rider is here to kick your ass dawg! The chain could have been better, but overall this is quite likable.

Payday anyone? The game was okay, and I can say that the cosplay is probably better than most missions in the game. LOL! Nice job.

One piece! Damn son might be a little glaring, but the girl is hot, that much I can say. Probably seen  them in some other event, since they look familiar.

More Ahri! This time with another girl with fox ears down there. Since when did Ahri have two split selves? Oh well.

Clueless as usual. A red unicorn with a weapon? Never heard of it, nope. Not at all. Overall its not bad.

Rozen maiden crew! Group shot factor x 10. Cosplayers always look so much better as a group sometimes, and this is no different.

One piece again. Luffy is being dragged away by some other guy, and this is funny. Great cosplay by both guys.

Yay more League! This time its Ashe! Great to see a good amount of League cosplayers this time, and this Ashe is loooking goooood!

Kaito and Miku? Gakupo and Miku? I don't know, all I know is that its more Miku. Variation people, variation.

Dead or alive! I don't play the game, so I don't know the girl on the right. But I DO know Kasumi...because you know....hentai and doujinshi and shit.

I told myself I wouldn't go home without a picture of someone cosplaying Yuzuhira Inori, and here she is! Inori is awesome, and this cosplayer does it well. Me like!

A group of weirdos. I can only recognise 2 of them. Sub zero is one, and the l4d hunter is the other. Other than that we get a sparta looking dude, a claw lady and a zombie looking lady? Pretty good group shot.

Yay! More vocaloid exposure that ISN'T Miku. Its freaking SeeU dammit! Its my 1st time seeing a SeeU cosplay and doing it with the cat pose and all is just soooo awesome. 

Pole girl? No idea who this character is, that is because I don't have enough exposure to anime probably. Not bad.

I love me some Moriama Shiemi, and this Shiemi is pretty cute! With that little grass summon of hers she looks just like a Shiemi would. Nice job!

Just cleared 13-2, it left a bad taste in my mouth, but here's some love for the game. Serah and Hope together posing is kind of cool, there's even a Noel I missed out in the back.

That's all for the pictures! But now as with all Gamer--freakz tradition I will be posting my top 5 cosplay pictures for the event. These are just opinion, and I prefer these way more than the rest. Without further ado I present...

Top 5 Cosplays of Cosfest 2012 July Re-run

Come on. COME ON! THIS IS FKING AMAZING! Cardboard gundam cosplayers? FK THAT SHIT! THIS IS HOW YOU DO GUNDAM YOU IDIOTS! This is probably the most detailed costume amongst all the other freaking costumes in the damn Cosfest. The armor, lights and everything else looks so cool. There was probably only one close contender to compare with this guy....

And its this guy! I don't know where this guy came from, but his suit and design is every bit as awesome as the white gundam above! The gundam has a sword and a shield, this guy has a freaking minigun! Too awesome, my jaw simply dropped when I saw these 2 cosplayers, tooooo badass for me, way too badass! The amount of detail on the 2 costumes is just too awesome for others to even compare!

A freaking reaper! I don't care what others say, this was one of my favorite cosplays of the entire day. Why? He captures the spirit of a reaper. He is tall, probably standing at about 2 meters  and his scythe is pretty huge. He looks menacing as hell, and that just fits this guy so well! I see kids standing away from him, due to his sheer awesome-ness!

My favorite female cosplayer today. Not only is Saber one of my favorite anime girls, we get Saber Alter, and her outfit is so freaking awesome! You don't see much here, but everything from the hair, armor, to the sword is freaking badass and detailed! And even that eyepiece and face protector armor makes her all the more badass. Badass female cosplayers? Of course they exist! This here is a perfect example dammit!

This is the best group cosplay hands down. Not only do they have the whole class of type-0 here (14 of them, holy shit!), all of them look awesome and true to their wiki character counterparts (I have yet to play the game). My personal favorite among all of them is Sice (Look at her and that scythe!), just because I like badass girls :p. NOW WHEN THE HELL IS THE GAME COMING OUT IN ENGLISH, I"M STARTING TO LOOSE MY PATIENCE. YOU BETTER NOT FK WITH ME SQUARE!

Allll right! Now that all my pictures are up, its time for me to go open up the goodies I got. This was a day late (I usually post my event photos up the moment I get hope). These were taken yesterday, and due to school work, I can't go today T.T(FUCK YOU SCHOOL). So yeah..only one day this time round. Of course, I'll finish this up with something I will always say.

I can't wait to go for cosfest next year.

Peace out!