Opening songs
OP 1-Seishoujo ryoujiki (Ali project)

Ending songs
ED 1-Hikari no Rasenritsu (Kukui)

Genre:Adventure, comedy, drama, supernatural


Heres another anime review to speed things up. This time, we conclude the rozen maiden saga, with the review of rozen maiden traumend. Traumend was released before overture, but the events of traumend take place after it, so naturally I watched this last. Concluding the rozen maiden series made me one sad puppy, it was a truly unique series that managed to keep me entertained and remained emotional at times. You can easily see where this is going, traumend is ever bit as good, of maybe even better than the original, and definetely beats out overture.

Song time! The opening song is seishoujo ryoujiki by ali project (I guess they are already staples for the series), and up to date, it is one of my favourite ali project songs. It kicks ass on so many levels, I definetely recommend giving this song a listen. The ending hikari no rasenritsu by kukui, and I'll be honest, I never really listened to the full thing once. The 1st 30 seconds just bore me out and I couldnt give a damn. The openign animations for seishouko ryoujiki were pretty damn amazing, by the way.


Traumend is a great anime that viewers of the original will enjoy alot. It has a slight change in the way the episodes play out, but more or less, its the same good shit from before, with even more characters. Also, this time round, its much more emotional, and I had to hold back tears during one scene (I wont spoil, but I'll leave you all to guess). Theres also much more serious stuff going on this time round, and the concluding episodes sure put the action scale on a whole new level. All in all, its just the first show all over again, trading in some of the comedy parts for more serious parts. For a final product that the original has been building up, traumend is something seriously great to watch as it unfolds.

Meet barasuishou, the scary 7th doll.
 Well for the plot...its just a continuation of the original. It still features jun as our lead, but he has definetely changed during the events of the original, and he is a completely different person now. He's trying to catch up with life again, instead of being a loser that refuses to leave the house and is afraid to go to school. Of course, he still spends time with his dolls, all of which are still living in his house like free loaders. Shinku however, is feeling down after she defeated suigintou, and has been having weird dreams. On the other hand, 2 new dolls make thier appearance, the all-so-carefree kanaria, who is much of an airhead like hina ichigo, and the scary as hell barasuishou. Kanaria is a complete airhead and soon befriends shinku and co, barasuishou just a mindless killing machine. As the 7 dolls awaken and the rabbit laplace makes his appearance, the fight to become the chosen doll soon ensues and things soon become bad.

Theres nothing much to say if you did watch the original, just expect things to be more serious. Otherwise, traumend is great, and if you watched the original, theres no reason to miss this one. Im still kind of puzzled and confused about the half assed ending, however.