Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hatsune miku:Project diva 2

Gamespot score:n/a

My score:8.8

(+)Pros:-Improved from the original in almost every way,-many playable characters,-huge song selection,- costumes and other unlockables enhance replay value,-duet songs are a welcome addition,-improved gameplay mechanics.

(-)Cons:-Not enough variety in terms of other vocaloid songs (other than miku),-some of the playable characters do not have songs in the game.

Gameplay time:50 hours+

Exactly one year ago (pure coincidence), I reviewed hatsune miku:Project diva. Back then I was barely even introduced to the world of vocaloids. Now, exactly one year later (again, pure coincidence), I have grown more attached to these vocaloids and know alot more about them, mostly thanks to this game. Project diva 2 once again throws miku into the fray, making her entertain those who play, fortunately, this time she is joined by many others! This should be renamed to "vocaloids:project diva" now, since in the previous game, it was all miku, now we have at least 5 other characters joining in! Sweetness. Those who enjoyed the 1st project diva will without a doubt, have a blast playing this. Get ready to dive in there and see for yourself what the vocaloids have to offer!

Blah blah, same crap, different day. Music games need no story and this game doesnt have one. Don't be suprised, is this your first day gaming? Go on, move along, nothing to see here, whats important in music games is gameplay.

For the first time on the PSP, the famous magnet has arrived!
 The core gameplay of project diva 2 remains mostly the same as the original. Of course, being the kickass sequel that it is, this has been improved on. First of all, other than the standard square, X, circle and triangle buttons, there are times where you have to press pairs along with the directional buttons based on the new arrow icons that appear on screen. A left pointing arrow means you have to press square and left, an up pointing arrow means you have to press up and triangle, so on and so forth. It may not be very difficulty to grasp, but it quickly becomes part of the core gameplay, as you see these arrows popping out more than just occasionally, this can destroy beginners. Other than that, the chance time system has been tweaked.

 Now, the total bonus score you recieve no longer based on how accurate you hit the buttons. The current chance time system makes it so the max score you can get is 50000, and it matters if you hit all notes during chance time as "cool". The lesser you hit means the lesser you get during chance time. This means you may not be able rake in as much than before, but it makes for some fairly balanced scoring. Other than that a good thing to note is that during all songs, there are fully 3D animated MVs, unlike in the original, where there were a handful of songs with only slideshows of 2D art. Whats also new is the addition of extreme difficulty songs. The orignal only feautred hard mode, but in this game, theres even extreme after hard...Needless to say, these songs slaughter noobs, proceed with caution.

Play as rin and  many other vocaloids.
 And of course, the main best thing that sega could have done to project diva 2....the inclusion of other vocaloids. Unlike in the 1st game, where only miku's voice is featured (and a TINNNY bit of rin and len), project diva 2 features the full voices of rin, len, luka, kaito and meiko, other than miku, and each and every one of them have their own songs, featuring them as the lead singer. This is beyond sweet. One of my old complains was that there was only miku and that could get boring. Now with these 5 other awesome vocaloids, theres more than enough variety to keep going! The song list has expanded, and new songs for the other vocaloids have been added as well, what else can we ask for??!? Songs like meltdown for rin, just be friends for luka, migata no chou for len and change me for meiko are just awesome.

 Also, another new addition to the game that will please the fans is the addition of duet songs. Miku will be pairing up with another vocaloid to perform a duet songs, and most of these are pretty popular. The amazingly popular cantarella (kaito and miku), magnet (miku and luka) and promise (Rin and miku). There is even a rin and len duet! Fans will definetely be happy. Miku also has her own share of good music, but playing the songs by other vocaloids is true awesomeness. Whats EVEN better, is that there are a TON of unlockables like costumes and room items that will keep players motivated. Costumes for EACH AND EVERY character are aplenty, and items to get for miku's room also come in masses. You purchase them using VP and unlock them by playing songs and clearing them with special conditions.  The content in this....is just too much.

The all-so-awesome romeo X cinderella.
Now then witht the sequel's so awesome additions, they kind of left me wanting for more. With the additions for the new vocaloids, thier songs were so amazing and it really pains me that there were so little songs for them. I understand its "hatsune miku":project diva, but you know, more songs from the other vocaloids would be so damn awesome....Also, they added neru, sakine meiko and YOWANE FKING HAKU!!!! They added HAKU, DAMN!!!! But they made 1 mistake, these three have no songs!!!! NOOOOO, why did you put them in when you made no songs for them! Sega, why?!?!? Me wants haku!! Putting these 3 in and then putting no songs for them is pure trolling! They should at least give them a song each to make thier inclusion worthwhile, but alas, they didnt. I has a sad :(.

Project diva 2 is a huge plus for the franchise. I seriously could not think of any other way to improve it other than the way sega did. I expected maybe only more rin and len songs, but they went to add luka, kaito and meiko as well! This game opened me up to the vocaloid family, and now they have just added 1 more to thier fan base XD. With so many new additions and improvements, project diva 2 is a must buy for fans of vocaloids. And if you never played the original and want to get this, go right ahead, this is so much better. 

Happy gaming!