Thursday, 29 September 2011

Killing floor

Gamespot score:7.5(good)

my score:7.2

(+)Pros:-Great cooperative gameplay that is tons of fun,-tons of zombie variety and an insane boss,- variety of classes mixes things up,-lots of mutators to fool around with.

(-)Cons:-Team mates have lousy AI and refuse to buy weapons,-lackluster visuals,-glitchy.

Gameplay time:-

Zombies zombies zombies. Everyone loves zombies. Look at the amount of zombie games in the market, resident evil, dead rising and left 4 deads galore. Whatever the reason, zombies have become all the rage, and game developers are impletmenting that even until today. Look at call of duty, they added a zombie mode, look at the recent zombie games, dead island, dead nation, zombie apocalypse etc. Killing floor is just one of the many zombie games out there, and like most of them, its a game that focuses strongly on its multiplayer. Basically, thats what killing floor is, one huge multiplayer package, you find yourself a few pals, dive into the game and start picking on zombies. If you want a story driven game like dead rising or RE, look elsewhere, this is where the multiplayer is at.

Killing floor has no story......totally no story at all. All we get is a bunch of text in the description box when choosing a map. Each map has its own background story, but it never gets explained on at all so its practically useless. Like I said, if you want something story driven, stay away, killing floor has no story at all. The multiplayer experience however, is down right solid.

Zombies at aperature science!

Killing floor is a pretty straightfoward game. All you do is just shoot zombies till they drop dead. Luckily, the game flow, weapons, maps and zombie variety are all awesome in thier own right. You can form a team of 6 during each and every game, and your goals are just to survive 10 waves of zombies and 1 boss wave. Each increasing wave will have more zombies and stronger types of zombies, meaning that the further you make it to, the harder it gets. Of course the game is fair towards you, the lesser players you have, the lesser zombies will spawn and the opposite happens if you have more players, so each player actually has to do thier part. There are quite a few maps available right off the bat, but there are some that you can download and add to your collection.

Some maps are really well made, and fighting zombies at all these different locations give different feels, so the gameplay always feels fresh whenever you play a new map. You have to find new camping spots and such, or you're gonna die. During every game, you pick a class, start off with a pistol, knife and a bunch of nades, fend off the 1st wave and you get to a trader, where you can purchase weapons and armor. The weapons are all individually awesome, you get your standard shotgun, machine guns, explosive and melee weapons, but depending on your class, these have boosts. Say, a medic can purchase medic related items at a lower price, and can use them more effectively based on your perks. Each class has thier own specific weapons and perks, so its good to have  a mix of different class users on your team.

So many zombies, so little time.

The zombie variety in killing floor is pretty awesome. You will see each and every zombie the game has to offer during every match you play. Certain zombies appear right off the bat, like the clot, gorefast and bloat. The rest will come as the waves go up, the siren, scrake, flesh pound and so on. Each zombie has thier own special ability, making each and every one of them a force to be reckoned with.

 The clots come in masses, and while they are weak, they can hold you in place as they munch on you. Gorefasts just dish out massive hurt, bloats are like boomers from L4D and spit damaging acid at you. Sirens wail like bitches and do damage that bypass your armor, crawlers are just tiny little buggers that hit you from all directions. Stalkers are invisible bitches that ambush you. Scrakes and flesh pounds are total beasts and slaugther you like nothing. The partiach is the boss mob that appears after you clear 10 mobs and as a boss, he is quite a bitch.

Beating out all of these different buggers is quite a task, but if you cant handle it, mutators are always there to help you. I love the mutators in this game, and its bloody fun to just tweak and fool around with them. Mutators can make the game easier or harder, they can improve the survivors abilities or deprove them. You can also do all kinds of perks that make the game more quirky.

They will be walking even without heads, and they will suddenly disappear.

Killing floor has...quite some flaws. For one the graphics are rather lackluster for something released  in 2009. It doesnt compare to stuff like left 4 dead (2008) or lets say.......modern warfare 2 (2009). The game is also glitchy, mostly with the zombies. Many a time zombies will suddenly just disappear when killed. You shoot off thier head, they keep on walking, suddenly they just disappear completely. There are also times where you kill every zombie on the map, and there will be 1 or 2 left. You walk around the map trying to find them, then you suddenly see a clot walking somewhere in circles, a stalker staring at a wall, or a crawler stuck in one small hole, unable to get out. Also, almost as if discouraging you to touch single player, the ally AI is ridiculously stupid and just uses the pistol throughout the entire game.

If you're one with tons of gaming buddies, this game is definetely for you. If you're lonely or don't like social gaming, this probably isn't for you. The ally AI is retarded, and theres almost no reason for you to play this alone (no story). When played with others however, I assure you, killing floor is an absolute blast that I would recommend to any zombie killing addict.

Happy gaming.