Opening songs
OP 1-Future stream (Sphere)

Ending songs
ED 1-Hatsukoi limited (Marble)
EP 6 ED-Gensou no Basho, Sorezore no Michi no Ue (Marble) 
EP 9 ED-Sora ni Mau (Marble)

Genre:Romance, Comedy


Moar anime reviews! Seeing as I am watching umineko at an extrodinary rate, I gotta do more anime reviews. Today, the anime being reviewed is hatsukoi limited, a true gem of a show in my opinion. Its not fantastic, it doesnt have ball busting comedy or superb animations, but its seriously one of a kind. Its an anime that ACTUALLY sets couples up together in relationships, not like tons of harems in which the girl likes the guy but the guy is completely oblivous -.-. This actually has them CONFESSING and showing GOING OUT as a COUPLE, not some punishment game or some shit. I wasn't really into romance stuff, but this really pulled me in, and I definetely recommend it to those who are looking for a change of pace.

The opening song is future stream, sang by sphere. Though I liked all the different seiyus in sphere, I cant say im a fan of thier songs. Future stream isnt bad, but its not really my cup of tea. Still, its better than the endings. The ending song is hatsukoi limited by marble. Once again, not my cup of tea. The individual episode 6 and 9 endings are slighty better..but still not as good as future stream. Cant say I really like any of the songs featured in this anime, sadly.


Hatsukoi limited is good stuff. Altough it fits into the comedy genre, its not drastically funny, but the word "romance" isnt fake, theres lots of lovey dovy stuff going on. Many animes out there with these 2 tagged in thier genre like baka test, MM, ladies vs butlers or even hayate no gotoku, dont have REAL romance in them. The main guy never chooses the girl he loves and confesses, he is always stuck in a dilema and never really confesses. Hatsukoi limited is about TRUE love, with loads of emotional impact and other factors that make it something very different from many other "romance/comedy" animes.

mmmmm.......the perfect situation for any guy in the world..
 Hatsukoi limited doesnt just "focus" on 1 character, the entire anime is just showcasting a series of relationships shown in a manner of short stories. In most episodes the anime stars different characters as main characters, and shows them along with their "loved one" or "partner", and how they get together. If I were to guess...the main character would be ayumi, an air headed girl that hangs out with many of her girl-friends. She has tons of focus during her anime trying to get the guy she wants...just like all her friends, who are having guy problems too. The show also focuses on the guys quite alot, and the main guy, would probably be zaitsu, the guy ayumi is after. Of course, these are just speculations, since the shows shifts alot between the characters and talks about thier seperate relationships. It all folds together in the end for a fitting finale, which is something most viewers would remember for a long time.

All in all, hatsukoi is a good experience. True romance is something many harem animes fail to demonstrate well. Hatsukoi limited may not be a harem, but the romance is something to seriously look out for. If you want an emotional experience that will stay with you for quite some time, this is the show for you. You can also watch it if you are tired of animes ending without main characters getting together with the girl he wants -.-, or cannot choose.