Opening songs
OP 1-Baragoku otome (Ali project)

Ending songs
ED 1-Utsusemi no Kage (Kukui)

Genre:Adventure, comedy, drama, supernatural


Back to anime reviews. I'm gonna speed up on the anime side, since I have been seeing more anime than I should be. Plus, the speed of me doing anime reviews < the speed of me watching anime. Don't mind if I speed up on my anime reviews abit. Rozen maiden overture is actually the latest title in the series, but I watched it before here I am reviewing overture 1st. Its not a bad thing actually. Overture takes place after the original rozen maiden but BEFORE traumend, so its not really that much of a big deal. Still, no reason not to watch this if you liked the original, or traumend. It sure is short, only having 2 episodes (its an OVA after all), but if you watched traumend or the original and did not understand some stuff OR want to know more...overture is your answer.

Now, onto the songs. The opening is baragoku otome by ali pro. Unlike Kinjirareta Asobi, I happened to enjoy baragoku otome. It starts off slow and speeds up eventually, making it a pretty badass song. Definetely one of my favourite songs from ali pro. The ending is utsusemi no kage by kukui. I didn't pay this much heed, since it didnt't sound like my cup of tea. I skipped it after hearing about 30 seconds, its not something I would recommend but thats just my opinion.


It may be short, but overture serves its purpose well. Its a prequel of many sorts, and the entire 2 episodes are sort of a flashback, so it may be quite abit of a turnoff if you dont like flashbacks (like me). However, stick with it and you will find a good show that manages to tell its own story that still manages to relate to the original and traumend. If you are expecting 2 episodes of content similar to the regular rozen maiden or traumend, you will be disappointed. Theres little of the everyday life that jun and gang go through here, its pure flashback. Still, its good stuff, and will please most of the more serious viewers looking to grasp more of the deep rozen maiden story.

There was once a time where shinku and suigintou lived together,
care to find out more?
 As stated, the story of overture is a full flashback. Jun appears no more than 5 minutes in the whole 2 episodes. I would say this time round the main character is shinku, since the story is mostly revolved around her in the flashback. The plot this time round talks more about the events that took place hundreds of years ago, when the fellow sister dolls were still more bent on fighting each other to become the chosen one by their maker. The sisters were still far apart from each other, and are not sure where thier sisters were. Some are keen to battle, like shinku and souseiseki, while others like suiseiseki don't want to fight. It tells a story of the sisters' past, and how suigintou, who wasn't meant to be, suddenly became part of the battle. Though its a short one, these 2 episodes are definetely worth the watch if you are interested in the back story of rozen maiden.

Interestingly enough, theres enough content within these 2 episodes to keep viewers interested. Wheter or not you watch rozen maiden for its general comedy and harem concept, or for its deeper and more serious side, overture is definetely something good for those who watched traumend and or the original. Its an interesting change of pace for the series, and while its likely there wont be a season 3, overture fits the role the satisfying those viewers who cant get enough of rozen maiden.