Today's post will probaby not affect quite a few of you viewers, since jubeat is asia only (those who want to play this but have my sympathy). Japan has gotten copious, and over here in singapore, its beem a good ten days since copious made its debut in japan. While its safe to say we jubeat knit players will keep our score records and carry them over to copious, I'm going to post my scores here just in case they get erased.

And well....mostly this post is for bragging rights XD. I'm not that amazing of a player, but well, here are my good scores.

FYI my achievement points is about 420k. Yeah, not really impressive at all. Anyway, here we go.

981708 (SSS)

One of my only 2 SSS songs. Infinity is probably my most played song = =. I have practically been playing this since I started, if I didnt at least get an SSS for this I would feel pretty damn pathetic.

951723 (SS)

One of my achivements I'm more proud about. Sigsig is quite difficult, and I spent a good amount of time trying to SS it. I think I did well for this one :).

Soratobu Hikari

981073 (SSS)

My other SSS. Nothing special about this, many people have been going around trying to EXC this shit and have succeeded.

Listen to the stereo!!
953237 (SS/Full combo)

Another one of my more proud achievments XD. This is, a matter of fact, quite a difficulty song in my opinion. There was always one part that always netted me a few blues. The full combo is just for show, I kinda got it by luck.

Sayonara trip
955687 (SS)

Up till now that part with the cross notes still give me alot of trouble = =. Once again this isnt anything special as many are already trying to EXC this

Koi no Merry-go-round
958008 (SS)

Didnt intend to get SS for this, just naturally got it during a regular play.

950458 (SS/Full combo)

Oh this bloody piece of shit , fking pissed me off so badly. I played COUNTLESS times to SS this. I know its not that difficult of a song but I played SO MANY times to get my SS...and the full combo.

Garden of love
950517 (SS)

Another song that I didnt intend to get SS. I already got it during the 2nd time I played it.

Sunshine girl
950869 (SS)

One of my very 1st SS achivements. Its not a hard song, but it has lots of patterns and quite a bit of memorizing is required.

Smile Ichiban ii Onna
953774 (SS)

Something that I kind of just decided to get. I played it randomly once and got 942k, so I just played it again and got this score.

Chance and dice
959773 (SS/Full combo)

Honestly, I really tried for this. It may be an easy song with only so little notes...but thats the problem. Because there are so little notes, you really cannot afford to screw up. Took me quite abit to get my SS and full combo.

Are you ready?
969331 (SS)

I got my SS on my first play, but I decided to strive for a SSS. Sadly, as you can see, I didnt quite make it yet, but rest assured, it will come soon. A 969k is satisfactory for now.

Shine on me
972574 (SS)

Quite possibly one of the easiest songs in the game with so many notes. I went for a SSS, but didnt quite make it yet. It will come soon, rest assured.

Haru haru
959059 (SS)

Another song that I just got out of pure coincidence. Played it once, got 947k, played it again and got this.

Street dancer
956682 (SS)

Got this out of pure coincidence. During a local play with my brother we picked this song and I got a SS out of that.

Bass 2 bass
954136 (SS)

Screw this lousy ass fcking meathead that fked me up more than 2 months. I took a long ass time to SS this and I had to stay away from it a good 2 months to erase all my memory on the patterns and then relearn it again. Not worth the effort.

More more more
953134 (SS)

Something that I had to work for. The song itself isn't hard, but I took quite awhile to finally SS it.

Only my railgun
953064 (SS)

When I got this, I declared myself "complete" for jubeat knit. I played this since I started jubeating and to finally SS it is like receiving a trophy that says "you win!". Its a pretty difficult level 8 song and though I played it since I started jubeating I only got the SS recently.

Thats kind of it for now. Im sure I still have some other good SS songs, but I didnt really take pics of all of them. This may look like a post for me to brag about my scores...if it does look like it and you dont like it, just ignore this post XP. There wont be many posts like this, but by the end of copious, if Im still blogging ( I most probably will still be), I will do something like this again...I think.