Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dead space 2:Severed

Gamespot score:7.0(Good)

my score:7.0

(+)Pros:-More of dead space 2's kickass dismembering and gameplay,- manages to remain challenging even right off the bat,-twitcher necromorphs are back.

(-)Cons:-Incredibly short,-overpriced,-many recycled locations.

Gameplay time:Less than 5 hours

Time for more of dead space 2, this time with the DLC expansion, dead space2:Severed. This will be the 1st time I'm doing a seperate review for a DLC or expansion, but more or less, things will be the same review wise. Severed is not a continuation of dead space 2 or any sort, but it just tells a seperate scenario of what happened during dead space 2. It doesnt bring any crazy ideas to the table and it isnt very long, but all in all, severed is a good expansion that manages to keep players on thier toes and give them another reason to visit the sprawl again.

The story for severed is a seperate scenario from the original dead space 2 storyline. The game puts the player in the shoes of gabe weller, a security officer. Gabe weller is a character from extraction (which I will be reviewing in the near future) and those who played the game will be very familiar with who he is. Gabe has married lexine, also a character from extraction, and the both of them are having a stable life on the sprawl. However, things go wrong like in dead space 2(they both happen during the same timeline), and necromorphs break loose. Gabe tries to find lexine and find a way out of a sprawl, hoping not to experience another living hell like they did back in the ishimura.

Burn sucker BURN!!
 Needless to say severed retains the exact same gameplay elements from that of dead space 2. Its actually a good thing, don't fix whatever thats not broken, right? The gameplay still remains tight and extremely challenging, like in dead space 2. Right off the bat you are going to face many of the original dead space 2's many fearsome enemies, like stalkers, spitters and even the darker skinned variations of many enemies. The environments are of course great and the atmosphere is as heavy and tense as ever.

You never know when an enemy is going to jump out and scare the living daylights out of you. The weapons are more or less the same, but you start out with a plasma rifle instead of a plasma cutter. You are also given 50000 credits right off the bat to purchase whatever you want. Like usual you will be dismembering necromorph limbs to finish them, and you have a ton of weapons to use. There aren't any new weapons, sad to say, but the original weapons themselves are already a blast to use.

Severed's gameplay is exactly the same as it is in dead space 2.

Severed of course comes with some new stuff, other than its story. Thats the return of the infamous twitcher necromorphs. To be honest, I didnt know thats what they were called until I looked up gamespot -.-. Anyway, twitchers are the insanely fast guys from the original dead space that started to appear when you boarded the 2nd ship. The bodies became necromorphs with stasis fused in them and they have the ability to move insanely quick. Well, they're back in severed and they are here to kick your ass.

They appear early on in the game joined by many of the other enemies in dead space 2. There are even the dark skinned versions of twitchers which dead space 1 did not have, so prepare to get your ass handed to you. Not to mention that severed 's necromorphs gang up on you like a pack of retards, much like they were in dead space 2. This keeps the combat challenging, and you will find yourself feeling focused most of the time.

Severed however, suffers flaws, being just a DLC expansion. Over here at singapore, the DLC is a good 10 dollars and its not really worth the money. The journey in severed is short, very short. You will clear it in 2 short hours and you probably wont be visiting it again. For 10 dollars that is pretty damned overpriced. Also, it felt like not much effort was put into making this than it was into making dead space 2. After all, over 80% of the game has recycled locations. In a game where combat, gameplay and most necromorphs are already reused, they could have at LEAST come up with some new environments to keeps things new.

Dead space 2:severed is really just more of the same. It is a good expansion on its own, but its short, and if you've gotten enough dismembering action out of dead space 2, severed really isn't worth the buy. Its just more of the same. Sure you play as gabe and it tells a different story, but if you haven't played extraction this expansion shouldn't even cross your mind. Go ahead and get is though if dead space 2 didn't satisfy you enough, or if you want to know what happened to gabe and lexine. All in all, its a good expansion, buts its not really needed :P.

Happy gaming.