Boss health

HP: 1306
Skills: lick (aerial)*, veritcal slash, horizontal slash, lick*

Times died on 1st playthrough:3-4 ish

Been 2 months since I have done this. Ah well heres my next boss fight in demons' souls after armor, the adjudicator. He's a pretty big and fat lug wielding a couple of cleavers for weapons, and he has a bird taking nest on top of his head. I'll give it to you he looks pretty intimidating, but after seeing through all his moves he's one hell of an easy shit. Adjudicator is the boss of 4-1, shrine of storms archstone.

Aint gonna lie, before properly knowing all of his attacks, he got me around 3 or 4 times. His attacks do brutal damage, and will probably one shot those without high vit. Here are his moves.

Lick(aerial)*- Probably the attack that gets me the most. He lashes out his tongue at you while you are at platforms above him. It has fast execution and does deadly damage. It also destroys platforms.

Vertical slash- While on ground level, he raises his blade up high and lands it veritcally downwards, doing some insane damage. This will probably one shot you, but it has a friggin slow startup.

Horizontal slash- Same as vertical slash, but on a horizontal basis. Still does insane damage that is enough to 1 shot people, but its just like the horizontal slash in terms of the slow startup.

Lick- While you are too far away from him on the ground level so that his cleaver cant get you, he lashes out his tongue at you. Does big damage just like its up-aiming counterpart and it can break through shit like pillars.

Adjucicator is easy as shit, his attacks all have the potential to one hit kill, but too bad none of them will even be connecting! There are 2 ways to combat him, on higher platforms or on ground level, though I find that fighting him on ground level is significantly easier.

If you plan to combat him from above, which is not recommended, you can do so by arrowing or casting magic on the bird on top of his head, since thats the only point that the boss will take damage from. Be weary, since fighting from above you are vunerable to its only aerial attack, the aerial version of lick. This is quite unpredictable since you have the platform blocking your view and you never know when it might strike. I highly recommend players to fight on the ground floor since its much easier.

On the ground adjudicator is so damn easy. You can only hit the bird for damage, but its high up on his head. What do you do? To be able to hit the bird, you must locate a gapping wound on the adjudicator, it has a part of a huge cleaver stuck in it. Locate it and hack away, of course, when doing this the boss will charge up one of its slashes, you can safely attack the wound a few times, but after like 3 attacks on it, run to the opposite end of the room, cause that blade of his is coming down. Keep doing this until he falls down, shouldnt be too long. When he falls down, hit the bird, 2-hand your weapon and give it a spanking. After abit he will rise to his feet again and you have to repeat this process until he dies. Really its not that hard.

Just remember to keep a close eye on the boss's cleaver when you hit his wound, it will rise very slowly, after about 3 hits you can back to the opposite end of the room and the blade will hit nothing but air. Make sure that after each of his swings, you need to immediately run back to his wound and start hitting again, cause if you just stay at the opposite end of the room after his swing, he will realise that you are too far to hit and will tongue lash you. Though its significantly easier to dodge the tongue on the ground, its just a reminder.

Adjudicator is weak, once you can see through his attack patterns on the ground you will have zero problems. Just make sure not to be hit even once, since it will spell your doom. Overall his difficulty is easy.

All in game boss HP amounts have been taken from demons' souls wiki.