Wednesday, 11 August 2010

megaman ZX advent

gamespot score: 7.5( good)

my score: 7.3

(+)Pros:- transforming into guys that you have defeated is kinda cool, - still remains challenging as the other megaman games,- music is still good,- levels are still well made and revistable,- cameo appearance is great.

(-)cons:- still very hard to play especially for newcomers,- english voice acting is downright terrible, - playing as other forms may be weird at some of the levels.

gameplay time: 10-20 hours( below average)

Ok, this was delayed from yesterday. Megaman ZX advent, another one for the megaman Zero/ZX franchise. Its a sequel from megaman ZX altough different protoganists are featured. Apparently, its fully english voiced, a 1st for the zero/ZX series. As with megaman ZX, megaman ZX advent is a brand new experience on the DS that differs from the previous game, it features new stuff never to be seen before, with a few recycled features from previous games.

Ok so, like ZX , advent features 2 characters. This time I went with grey. Grey wakes up one day knowing nothing but his name, she is found by pandora, a character from the previous game. Pandora seems to know alot about him, strangely, so he asks her about his past and whatnot, only to get attacked by pandora herself. So he desperately tries to escape, and after a desperate chase he falls from a bridge and is discovered by a resistance group. Following the events that happen, he is somehow chosen by the biometal A, and becomes infused with it. Then begins his journey to stop a crazy doctor who tires to mobolize model W...hey, sound familiar?

Same same, megaman ZX advent has the same gameplay and platforming basics as all of its previous preduseccors. You go either left or right, until you reach a door which you will eventually enter and find a boss in it, kill the boss to finish the level. Of course on the way uou kill hordes of insane enemies, jump over countless pitfalls and evade cruelly placed spikes. Its all in the contract. Oh and this time your character choices influence your combat basics. Grey fires faster but weaker shots while ashe fires stronger but less shots. Pick your poison.

Megaman ZX advent still sports the map system used in ZX, only this time its more detailed. It still packs great music, it fits right along with the gameplay. Also, the new feature added to ZX advent, is the A-trans. Its pretty cool, its kinda know, other megaman games where after you beat a boss, you get its powers. But the A-trans, instead of allowing you to use a defeated boss's powers, lets you TRANSFORM into the boss itself. Pretty sweet eh? There are many cool looking and powerful bosses, the more of them you beat, the more forms you add to your collection. Moving around as a landshark or plant is pretty satisfying at times.

Well, every megaman suffers from the same mistake. They are hard as hell, this one is no different. Its not that being hard is bad, its cause, it tends to tend players off, especially those newcomers. Plus, this game has english voice acting, for once! An english voiced game for the DS for megaman! Well its too bad that the voice acting is HORRIBLE. Yeah, its pretty damn bad, hearing it almost wanna make me stap my own ears. Okay Im exaggerating, but still, it really sucks. Finally, when playing as other forms, transforming here and there, you may find some things weird in the levels, like not being able to proceed further, or getting stuck. This kinda sucks, since it can happen when you are experimenting your forms.

Overall advent is still a good and enjoyable megaman game. If you can endure the bad voice acting then you would probably be able to enjoy this game. Newcomers can still play this game through easy mode, but it isnt recommended cause its incredibly laughable. Plus, cameo appearance is awesome, probably my favourite part in the game, wont spoil it though.

Happy gaming.