Friday, 6 August 2010

Latale online

gamespot score:N/A

my score: 7.2

(+)Pros:- characters are fluid and great looking,- great visual presentation,- many branching paths from basic jobs,- world is good to explore,- commendable job balance.

(-)Cons:- like many online MMOs grinding becomes very tedious,- combat can be slow, - easy to get bored.

gameplay time:20-30 hours( average)

Okay, latale online. I played this quite some time ago, didnt have engineer back then. Well I've got to say this game caught my attention wayy back when it was 1st out, and when I quit maple for good. Gotta say the art and visual really did catch my eye, it was like a maple that is improved by a ton, in terms of visual. SO yeah, got a few friends, played this ASAP. It was good, but I didnt invest as much time in it as I did with maple. Still, its good, far better than maple. Okay, lets begin.

Online game=story=not caring. Online game stories need not be cared about, and latale's background story information isnt as deep or well told as dekaron or cabal. Still yeah, I'll state the basic jobs, you have warrior, knight, wizard, explorer, and the new engineer which I have never seen before. Yes and we have branching paths, which isnt rare for MMORPGs, stuff like warriors>warlords, knights>temple know, the basic shit.

Visual-wise, this game rox. Every character in the 2D platformer is exquisitely detailed, especially the characters, they look well-porpotioned and the equipment available really rocks. It beats maple alot. Plus, the areas, such as towns and monsters look great. I guess Im the kinda guy that likes 2D environments and surroundings. Also, NPCs have well drawn portraits to fit them, which is great. Theres also alot to explore in Latale, even though I only made it to like lvl 23, I could explore pretty far into the Latale world, and boy its great, to see new monsters, environments and such.

Gameplay wise its like maple, only better. You go around in the 2D platforming world, walking or jumping to other platorms. Then you battle monsters, gain exp, level up, get money, get better equips, do quests.... blah blah BLAH, you know, your basic MMO stuff. Well since the main thing in this game, or generally, MMOs, is to kill monsters, I'll skip to that part. Monster killing in this game is quite good. You basically tap the attack button, throw skills here and there, and eventually kill the enemy. And well, taking them down with skills are an obvious DUH, since the game would be boring otherwise. Skills are okay, quite well animated if you ask me. I was using a warrior going on by the warlord path before and I used a spear. Using skills when there are many enemies together kills them and nets you more exp, and spear skills are only the beginning, wizards have elemental skills which kick even more ass.

Flaws wise, latale suffers like ANY other MMO, tedious grinding. Every MMO has its own, STOP point. When you hit that point, training gets alot harder and 10 times more tedious, then you will just stop. This game has it too. Also, combat in this game can be slow, since its a 2D platformer, combat should be fast to make things more fun. The slow combat is monotonous at times. Finally, you get bored easily, altough combat keeps you occupied, most of the time thats it, you wont be playing more than an hour or 2 when you reach your high levels, you'll get bored easily.
Latale is a good game, but more can be done to make it better. Casual gamers looking for a casual MMORPG should look here. Heres the link to download on OGplanet.