Friday, 27 August 2010

Blazblue: calamity trigger portable

Gamespot score:n/a

my score: 8.5

(+)Pros:- characters have pretty diverse playstyles and vary very differently from each other, - well designed characters,- has plenty of gameplay modes, - solid training options, -sharp controls - has a great background plot, -score attack provides great amount of challenge for those looking to pick a tough fight.

(-)cons:- little characters, - visuals suffered quite alot for being ported to the PSP

gameplay time: 40-50 hours( long)

Rebel 1, action!!!! Thats right, blazblue is on baby! Around last year blazblue calamity trigger was released for the PS3/360 and it was a huge hit, scoring some insane scores in sites all around the world. Somewhere early this year, blazblue: calamity trigger portable was released for the PSP, and since I didnt get the PS3 version last year( cause I didnt even have a PS3 at the time), I got this. Seriously, I wasnt disappointed, calamity trigger is fighting game that aims to please, and though its on the PSP, its so fun that it will delight you as long as your average PS3 game.

The blazblue universe has quite alot going on, for a fighting game, there sure is a huge chunk of story to go through. Thats good, since I always enjoyed long fantasy type-ish stories. Anyway, the story focuses on the main character, ragna the bloodedge. Altough each of the 12 characters has thier own seperate story that plays a part in the entire blazblue story, it focuses more on ragna. Ragna, being an S-class criminal, has been going aroudn the world causing trouble, and the "government" known as the NOL have been dead set on catching him, so yeah ragna while on his journey stumbles unto the kagutsuchi, where all of the BB characters reside in, so he drops in, not knowing what kind of shit he is going into.....

Being a fighting game, blazblue really excels. The fighting is awesome, and theres alot to dive into, ranging from bursts to libra, theres alot of things in this. Newcomers can be abit puzzled at 1st, but after abit of trying out here and there, everything should come into place, and you can start your journey on this amazing game. When you 1st enter the character select screen, dont be disappointed by your limited choice of characters, they are all incredibly varied and have distinct playstyles. PLus, thier designs are really unique. Cheers towards the creators for having such imaginative minds.

Gameplay wise expect something like guilty gear, since BB is like its succecor anyway. So, like all fighting games, you start out opposite each other and then start pummeling one another until time runs out or when either one dies. Still, you will be impressed by the mechanics. There are shits like jump cancel or rapid cancel which lets you continue your assualts by jumping or pressing different buttons. That means you can string tons of attacks together to cause some major hurt. And as I mentioned before, characters have distinct playstyles, ragna relies on melee combos and his drive attack drains the opponents HP, jin also relies on melee but does quicker strikes, his drive is meant to freeze the enemy. There are loads of characters with other playstyles, tager relies on close range grappling, noel relies on chain comboing, rachel relies on mind games and traps.... and so on, theres really too much to say, all the characters have very different playstyles, you will have alot of time to pick your favourite character to play as here in blazblue.

On the PSP blazblue runs incredibly well, with sharp controls and no lagging during gameplay, though this comes with a cost. Altough one cant expect the PSP to have better graphics than the PS3, the character sprites in the game seem pretty toned down. This is a pity, since on the PS3 the sprites were downright awesome. Also, for many players, a complaint is the lack of characters, 12 seems a little too low for character count in a fighting game. Altough the game makes it up with interesting characters, but still...12 is little.
Blazblue: calamity trigger portable wont fail to impress, its amazing fighting mechanics and diverse characters will keep you entertained for quite awhile. Even my female cousins have fun playing this!! Its a seriously good game, dont let this one slip through, especially if you like fighting games.

Happy gaming!