Opening songs-OP 1: Free and dream

genres: adventure, comedy, fantasy, drama

episodes: 26

Yeap one for for the animu side. Today Im doing the review of tears to tiara, a show I watched months ago. Well only today did I know that it was actually a game released both for PS3 AND PC, who knew. I thought it was only for PS3 cause I saw it in a shop. Anyway back to topic, this show isn't bad, its good. Dont listen to what people say about the game the show itself is good, overall. (Though screens from the game make me jealous XD)

Yeah, opening song is nice, free and dream by suara. Well it being shown for 26 episodes straight isnt exactly cool so I started skipping like episode 17-18 ish onwards. Its the kind of song that starts out being nice to hear and starts becoming less appealing after awhile.

Rating: 7.5/10

Well this is basically an RPG game turned into an anime, done right. Just by following the story you can really tell that its really like a traditional RPG style game. It has a typical shounen hero who wants to protect his sister no matter what, a typical best friend to that hero, and a bunch of warriors that stick with him through thick and thin. Kinda like an RPG hmm?

This time our protoganist is named arthur, and he is dead set on protecting his sister from any kind of dangers. He is the leader of the gael tribe, and one day, his sister is kidnapped by an evil empire bishop to ressurect the demon king by offering her body and soul, since she is, found out at the end of the show, someone of incredible importance. Well the demon king got resurrected, and he instead of eating the poor girl he kills the bishop and helps in the escape when fleeing the area with arthur. Knowing that the gael tribe has already indirectly waged war against the empire, arthur and his tribesmen burn down thier own village, and set off to find a new stronghold for thier people. The show later heats up as war after war, allies join that spice up the story, and in the end all gather together for one grand finale against the ultimate bad guy ( who, I'll just say, isnt in the empire at all).

A good show overall, there are plenty of good moments, but plenty of bland moments as well. The action is pretty real, but since the it focuses more on arthur, just a plain old swordsman, there wont be much flashy powers and magic during fights. Still the fights are well made and interesting to watch, it definetely wont disappoint at some points where tension fills the air like no tommorow. Worth watching, for those looking for a fantasy based anime.