Monday, 30 August 2010

Studio project

Well recently I picked up skecthing and damn its addictive XD, so yeah I havent been posting as oftenly as before. But yes, I will still be posting, expect atelier iris 3 up by tommorow.

But yes, heres another depressing note, my school will be starting the very 1st studio project, which supposingly takes up a huge part of my grade, so yes I will be working hard for it. Damn, the 3 weeks holidays flew past..... Im still in a holiday mood.

Anyway, due to the studio project (which will last for 3 weeks), I will bcome less active, but I will stilll be posting, this is just a side note, cause ima be busy for the following 3 weeks to come. I wish myself the very best to survive this disaster until it blows over.

Peace for now.