Yeah since the establishment of this blog, I have been giving all my games at least a 7.0 or more, with expection of the fucked up maplestory of course, since that was a request. Well from now on, at random, I will be posting about games that will NOT be posted in my blog, just to give info to those hoping for such a game to be posted here. Yeah I have my reasons.


Crash of the titans

A disgrace to the crash series. And after this was mind over mutant, which was about the same. I really dont like where the crash bandicoot series is going, thier last good game was twinsanity. Ever since crash came to the PS2, it sucked. Twinsanity was good, but the rest were lame. Especially this one. Crash, punching enemies? Picking up wumpa fruit to heal HP? Crash having HP? Hijacking monsters? Yeah, doesnt sound like crash at all. Looks like we wont be having old school crash anymore.

Crash bandicoot: wrath of cortex

I think this is the 1st crash game to hit the PS2. 1 word. Lame. Packed with insane load times,lousy level and enemy design, this game really disappoints. And the bosses are all the same guy, with different masks. That is uber dumb. One can see the effort the developers tried to put in this, but its just not working out. Disappointing, very disappointing.

Megaman X8

A really really bad step taken by the capcom. Megaman X7 with good, though the old formula used in the PS1 was more welcome. In megaman X8, they took the X7 formula and tried to improve it, only to fail drastically. Linear levels, boring enemy and stage designs, and the way the game plays is just so..... un-megaman-ish. Definetely not a game worthy of the megaman X series.



Another lame game that looked fun. Dont like it, never will. Climbing a tower with all those in-game conditions sounded fun, but if the battle system is so crappy, how could one ever like this game? I'd say this game is a total fail, I couldnt bother to try the 2nd one.

Aedis eclipse:generation of chaos

I'll say it, I was looking foward to this. But this really let me down. This game is boring, the battle system is unappealing, the characters are annoying, and the story is pretty mediocre. I couldnt bare to play more than 2-3 hours of this game, I am a RPG person, but this is just damn inferior compared to many others out there.

Riveria:the promised land

Another disappointing game. The battle system is incredibly old school, and isnt nice to watch. Kinda sad though, this game got pretty good ratings all over, but to me I just cant seem to get into it. It was pretty meh to me. And once again this is really sad cause the story was sounding kinda cool altough I didnt play the game for long. I doubt I will be replaying this anytime.


SNK vs Capcom: card fighters DS

Another lame ass game. This one is really pathetic. I was kinda interested as a fan of capcom games, but after playing for abit I found this game to be a total waste of my time. The cards are nice. Its good to see all your favourite SNK or capcom characters on cards in your deck, but the playing system is really pathetic. It looks like a magic the gathering wanabe game, with really really lame rules. It just isnt worth a players time to play this game, end of speech.

Tokyo beat down

Guh, a boring brawler that is, in fact..... once again a waste of time. Brawling is slow, stiff, and uninteresting. Its the same moves over and over, plus the story sux. The characters are also pretty shitty looking and to play as them are nothing but pure bleh. Another game that shouldnt be played by others, unless you are a hardcore brawler fan.

Glory of heracles

Besides the good visuals, the battle system is slow and boring. Really sad though, was really looking foward to this at the time of its release. Well I guess not all games are good. This one really stinks, the game is generally very easy and battle is nothing but a chore. Whats more the story doesnt get interesting until really later on. Once again this a game I didnt finish , but made it to at least the halfway point.


Asda story

Childish game that is a waste of everyone's time. Nothing in this game looks cool, badass or sexy. Soul mate system is good, but the fighting styles of characters are lame and the skills are weak, in terms of presentation of course. This looks like a game more for kids, as everything has a sort of "cute" feel to it.

Soldier front

OMG dont mention this game at all. I was introduced to play this by my friend once, and all my friends were playing this. For whatever reason I dont know why.....I was hooked to this game once. I REALLY DONT KNOW WHY. Looking back I thought I was kinda dumb since one, visuals suck shit, two, theres no blood, and three, there are many stupid things in the game, such as instantly dieing when touching the surface of the sea. Seriously, what the hell. Dont play this.

There are many more games I dislike out there, but there are too many to list I will continue next time. Poly starts tommorow, suck shit man.