Sunday, 4 April 2010

yugioh GX tagforce 2

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.0

(+)pros:-upgraded database from tagforce 1,-now practically everyone can be your partner,- not as draggy and long as tagforce,-much replayability since more partners are gradually unlocked as you play.

(-)cons:-enemiy decks get very strong straight up when the game starts,-many story events for many partners are the same,- partners screw up ALOT.

gameplay time:20-30 hours(average)

Okay Im doing another review today. Today Im reviewing yugioh GX tagforce 2 for the PSP. Good game? Yes. Improvement from the first game? A big no. This is obviously a step down from yugioh GX tagforce 1 for the PSP. I will be covering some of these later on. To start off I would like to say that among all the current 4 tag forces so far this is the worse. Yep, no kid, I pretty much like all the tag forces, but this is the one I like the least. Though this brought over features from the 1st game, they introduced many new gameplay elements that dont spice the game up one bit.

Story wise this game follows the anime, from the arc after the society of light. This game follows the part where many transfer students hit the school, axel brodie, adrian name those weirdos. Yeah.... but each character you play with as thier partner has thier own seperate story so I cant exactly elaborate the story very well since its from many points of views. Its like this, at the start of the game you are given the option to choose a tag partner. Then, you are to roam around the campus and duel to fill up "hearts", 8 of them, just like the 1st game. So yeah, the game literally runs on the "heart" system.

Yeah for dueling the same applies. You get the same sweet looking playfield with the good looking card grid and stuff. And as usual you get the slick animations. Ok not so slick...but hey, at least you see some brawl from your opponent. And as usual you dont see anything from the monsters beside from the arrows pointing at each other. You however do see certain monster animations like before, like cyber end dragon elemental hero bladedge etc. Well beside from that you get the basic stuff, rules and stuff. But well you also get a new feature called destiny draw. When your health is a tad lower than your opponent's, like 3-4k like points difference, you get to destiny draw, picking your destiny card from your deck. No complaints here, it may be braeking everyday yugioh rule concept, but I find this rather useful and good.

Now for the field play. While roaming from place to place finding opponents this is what you will see. Well to be honest, disappointed. No improvements from tag force 1 AT ALL. The exact same thing with little big headed people walking around from top view. This is quite lame I guess, but well I guess it wont affect the game much since most of the time is spent dueling. Plus you wont be walking around much without talking, and when talking to story specific characters you get beautifully drawn protraits, like the 1st game.

So whats the step down in this game? Well take it simply, this isnt a step down from the 1st game, but the system where you get different partners is kinda weird. For every partner, you will get a few same story scenes. Like for example the dark magician girl scene,every one will see it, no matter your partner. The game has many other partners like this, and its not exaclty cool when one is replaying the game iwth a different partner, since one would naturally want to see new scenes, not repeated ones. And I guess one flaw got solved in the 1st game, everyone's deck has been spiced up since the 1st game, but .....its become harder, alot. Yeah for example everyone has mirror force and monster reborn now. Yeah literally EVERYONE, despite a few weaklings. Heavystorm, bottomeless trap holes, dimensional prisons... wow, why do all of them have it? Its become annoying when you know that the 1st 2 cards they set face down has at least 1 mirror force.

Yeah as usual your partner screws you over most of the time in tag duel, more than in tag force 1 actually. Your partners have become more stuborn than stupid, insisting on tributing your monsters and activating your trap cards at wrong times. Well its gotten quite old cause one will need to get used to it, since story duels are all about tag duels.....damn. My closing comments....well to say what I feel, this is the worst tag force by far. If someone were to decide between all 4 tag forces out there so far, its not this one, the tag force series is great, but is just NOT the game that stands up to the rest.


Happy gaming.