Opening songs-OP 1: Cagayake! Girls

Genre:slice of life, comedy


OMG! I feel so sad you know? This show was one of the best I have seen. Serious! It may look like your run of the hill comedy show, but this show is AWESOME. Oh why did the show have only 14 eps? Well currently Im pulling myself together since season 2 is supposedly out. YAY. Obviously gonna check it out ASAP. And once again my point is proven, a good show that ends in a pathetic number of episodes. Damn the producers.

Song:Cagayake! Girls(opening 1)
Artist:Aki toyosaki

Theres only one opening song for a show so short, but its pretty damn good. The song alone has little meaning, but the beats are catchy like hell. This is a great song. The animation of the song did change from like episode 8 or 9 onwards, and apparently there was a different full version for it with little changes. Weird. Anyway, yeah, great song.


Pretty damn good show I have gotta say. For one, an all-female cast. Yeah, I dunno where these kinda shows are coming from, but all-female cast shows are nowadays common for some reason. And yeah, much like seitokai no ichizon its once again about nothing. YAY FOR NOTHING. Actually scratch that, it has a little bit more purpose than seitokai no ichizon.

K-on tells a funny and quirky tale of a very slacky girl named yui, who always depends on her one year younger sister ui(no pun intended) to clean up after her messes and look after her. Well Yui, being the ultimately lazy girl she is, has just went into high school and was told by her childhood friend nodoka to join a club. Well Yui has never joined a club, so after a bit of aimless wandering she joined the K-on music club, where she meets her more quirky club members. Ritsu, the supposed "club leader". Mio, ritsu's childhood friend and the most shy and frightened amongst the club. Tsumugi, a rich girl who joins the club and makes people really wonder that her true purpose in the club is to bring in snacks and tea. Later on there are people like azusa, a freshman and junior to the initial 4 girls who joins and plays 2nd guitar, there is also the funniest (and my favourite character), sawaka sensei, the insanely crazy teacher that likes to dress people up. Well the true purpose of the K-on club is that they want to perform in budokan, some sort of life stage. To do that they have to be good, but everyday they just slack off and do nothing.....its just really funny.

K-on is a great show with a great sense of humour. No one should give this show a miss, seriously. It also sucks you in at times and is addictive to watch if you 're up for it. No wonder it was the "hype of 2009".