Friday, 30 April 2010

Prinny can I really be the hero? RE

Gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:8.2

(+)pros:- incredibly fun and crazily intense boss fights,-much satisfication after beating a boss,- levels are fun to play,- fun and humourous at the same time,- quirky story for the laughs,- voice acting is pretty good.

(-)cons:- prepare to get owned the more stages you clear,- controls can be abit slow for a 2D platformer.

Gameplay time:10-20 hours( below average)

Time for the re-do review of prinny can I really be the hero? Those who played disgaea will definetely find this game peculiar, since you are playing as prinny! In the original game prinnies were like....nothing but a bunch of slaves which were usually commanded by etna. They are usually nothing worth and are most of the time just thrown at enemies for damage, since prinnies explode when thrown. In this game, you play a prinny as the main character, who wont explode when thrown. Cool eh? Hes like THE prinny. Enough of my ranting, time to get started on the review.

The story for this game is quirky and funny. You play as a prinny, one of many who serve under etna, the demon queen(or princess, I cant clearly remeber). So one day as usual she gets really mad at the prinnies for being late or screwing something up, so she goes blasting her head of and starts kicking the prinnies to explode them. And yeah the prinnies beg for forgiveness, and etna wants the ultra dessert if she is to forgive them. Kinda stupid asking for a desert as an she gives you, a certain scarf, to prevent you from exploding, and orders you to go after the ingredients for ultra desert. So with all the others prinnies rooting for you, you are to set out to 6 different netherworlds to get the ingredients for ullllttrrraaa deeessseeerrt!

Prinny is a 2D platformer action game. If you need an example of those kind of games you can always look at the original megaman. So you choose one of the 6 netherworlds, play through the level, beat the boss, and the boss will surrender an ingredient to ultra desert to you. Each time you clear a stage the next one you play will get harder and the boss may change. That means there are a variety of levels to experiment, since you can choose the order of the stages you want to go in. Thats quite a lot of possibilities considering that there are 6 netherworlds. The stages are well designed and fun to play. Flying carpets, enemies heading towards you, stationery cannons, huge pitfalls..... its great. To top it off, theres a sort of metal slug feel to it, tanks and whatjimatrics, you can pilot them. Its cool.

Thats not it. Whenever you play through a fun stage, you havent tasted the best part. Thats right, the most rewarding and satisfying feature in prinny is the boss fights. Prinny bosses are great, they require you to trial and error a few times before you can beat them. Cause if you play normal mode you can only take 3 hits before you die, and bosses' attacks usually take up quite abit, altough no matter how flashy or powerful the attack looks it always only does one damage, but thats enough to kill you in hard mode. Unlike normal enemies bosses cant be killed normally, spamming air slashes will only get you so far as to doing only lines of damage to the enemies entire health bar.You need to find thier weakness, exploit it, and they become more vunerable to your attacks since after exploiting a boss's weakness, it will be stunned. These usually takes a few tries, like 3-5 times, but the insanely hard ones take more than 10. But this is what makes beating the boss to satisfactory.

Prinny is a fun game and all, but as I said the later you play on, the levels get more difficult. The final few netherworld selections are usually hell to the player. The levels get ridiculous, with more powerful and annoying enemies coming to swarm at you, or with huge pitfalls with almost no foot steppings. Its damn annoying when you try to jump from 1 flying carpet to another, when the other carpet is so damn far away! And to make things even worse, there is this one guy that is so out of your reach, but he's throwing blades at you! When you finally get the timing right and make the jump, he flings a blade at you and hits you down to the pitfall below. See how annoying that it? Also the later bosses are deadly, those are the ones that will likely take you 10 tries to beat.
Other than its steeply increasing difficulty, prinny also has rather slow and somewhat quirky controls. He sort of falls pretty slowly and timing your falls and jumps can be quite hard and frustrating at times. As for the bottom line for this game, " hard but satisfying", its a great experience overall. Not just for disgaea fans but everyone should be able to play and enjoy this.

Happy gaming.