Sunday, 11 April 2010

dynasty warriors strikeforce

Gamespot score:6.5(fair)

my score:7.8

(+)Pros:- pretty in depth customization,- very fun to do with friends,- koei took a different approach and made missions have more variety,- fury mode looks awesome,- big monsters are fun to fight .

(-)cons:-each character loses thier uniqueness and specialty,- many missions are monsterously difficult to do alone,- missions objectives get repititive.

gameplay time:30-40 hours(above average)

Wanted to do crash bandicoot today, but was too bored and lazy to do so, since I already got DW:strikeforce screens beforehand. Ah well Im just devastated by the fact that poly is starting soon and theres nothing I can do about it..... Okaes, anyway today Im doing dynasty warriors strikeforce, the 1st dynasty warriors game that took a different approach. This game is alot more fun than the original dynasty warriors series, serious. Instead of picking your own character out of the roster, you do the same and customize him/her. Now more on this later, lets get this thing going.

Storywise theres not much to say. You play a faction, and choose a character in that faction. Thing is, no matter what faction you play, I guess the bosses and stuff are the same. Soo yeah, you are this warrior belonging to this town, and you just accept quests and do them. Well.....any story? Not much. After a set amount of missions, you get to do the chapter's main story focus. Example in the 3rd chapter the story missions require you to kill lubu, many times. That means that every chapter you have to kill something that concerns the seperate chapter's story. All in all, the 5 chapter's story dont seem linked at all.

Much unlike previous dynasty warrior games, strikeforce in different in a number of ways. This game now plays much like monster hunter, where playing with friends is key. Now before you go on a missions you start in your town, where you buy items, get orbs, chi, weapons....etc. Then when you got what you want, you go out to do your missions alone, or wait for your friends to get done, then go on missions with them. Most of the time its the latter. This game, being so different, allows you to customize your warrior. Altough like all DW games, all characters have thier own special and unique weapon and fighting style. Now in strikeforce, they aint unique anymore. Yeap, in exchange to allowing players to customize freely, each and every character can hold all weapons, so they aint "special" anymore, in a sense.

Well koei had to make the suitable sacrifices, after all I gotta say the gameplay turned out pretty darn good. With any weapon you want at your disposal, you get a ton of experimenting. Of course, before you can hold a certain weapon you have to be trained in it. Getting zhao yun, a spear user, to use a mace, is quite a request. So your zhao yun must have the required experience in the mace before using it. Quite fair, if you think about it. Another new feature, not really new, but it isnt in previous games. Now to use musou, players must enter the almighty fury mode, turning thier warriors into completely different looking fighters, some looking more badass, some looking more silly. Anywho, fury mode is for the better, your character gets boosts to thier stats like no tommorow. Plus in fury mode your musou bar drops, and in only in fury mode can one use thier musou attacks.

Many of the new changes are quite welcome, including those orb effects and chi that can allow the warriors to jump countless times or even fly! That is indeed, suprising. Well now to explain the multiplayer of this game. Much like monster hunter, you gather up to three friends and and go accepting a mission. Most missions are quite doable alone, but some missions must require assistance of friends. Some times your missions are completely impossible alone. Such missions pit you against huge monsters never before seen in any DW game, and on top of that are godly generals accompanying it. Such missions are obviously impossible alone and those without allies will surely fall without a shadow of doubt. For those without friends that own this are at a disadvantage.
Well DW:strikeforce sure is a different experience overall from any DW game ever made. Its a good game, though many a times the objectives are the same, "kill this", " find this", "protect this", "reach this place"," kill a number of these"......anyway, enough ranting, this game should be tried by all DW fans, although it takes a different approach, that approach was worth taking for koei.

Happy gaming.