Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Marvel vs capcom 3 announced

Holy shit.

I wanted to review new super mario bros today, but I see its actually not possible. Well I finished school early today, about 10 am, so after a quick breakfast with my frens I came home to chill out. I turned on my CPU to check gamespot for updates, as usual......and I was astounded to hell.

Yeah on the site headlines I saw the words "marvel vs capcom 3", I thought to myself that it was probably a rumour or shit, but when I clicked it and watched the teaser just wasny funny anymore.

It was epic.

Yeah its confirmed, marvel vs capcom 3 is coming out Q2 2011. Yeah thats a long ass time but I only got 1 thing to say. WOHOOO. 10 years, 10 godamn years since marvel vs capcom 2, and marvel vs capcom 3 is coming. The world has ended, I have seen the light.

No doubt I will get this you can bet your ass on it, unless reviews suck, but it most probably wont.

Check it out here:;thumb;1