Tuesday, 20 April 2010

crash twinsanity

Gamespot score:7.3(good)

my score:7.5

(+)Pros:- good humourous fun,- playing as nina or cortex adds more gameplay variety,- many types of levels and concepts,- good boss fights,- challenging enough to entertain veterans

(-)cons:- working with cortex is lame plotwise,-quite short for a crash bandicoot game,- many unwelcome gameplay tweaks

gameplay time: 10-20 hours(below average)

Been quite a while since my last review, busy with poly and all. Okay, after being delayed for more than a week or so, heres crash twinsanity. Being a long time crash game player, I did love all crash games on the PS1( yes even crash bash), but when crash hit the PS2, he began to suck. I think this is the only good crash PS2 game, the rest are just not up to standards, even nitro cart. Yes we all know crash has undergone huge downfalls since the PS2, but then in twinsanity, he gained back a gleam of hope, for a moment anyway. Okay on to the review.

Cant remember much story since the last time I played this was long ago. I do recall at the start of the game there was a short scene before the title screen popped out that said "3 years later" and showed cortex and uka uka being frozen in an ice block. I cant remember why they got frozen....anyway, yeah so cortex was for some reason unfrozen and wants to, as usual, get revenge on crash. Well after another failed attempt and a series of stupid events, they run into some evil space birds who want to destroy crash's island. So.....hmmm, yeah. Usual cranked up crash bandicoot story, noone can complain. So cortex and crash work together to stop them, and later nina too, cortex's niece.

Visual wise its like many crash games on PS2, more or less the same. But yeah as one can see the icons in game have changed a fair bit. They now look more....cartoon-ish, especially crash's amount of lives left. Funky. Other than that, one will notice straight off the bat, the stage select thing is no longer in the game. Yeah I loved that personally, but they removed it, why? Now the game is more adventure style, moving from island to island, stage to stage. This isnt as good as the stage select thing, but at least its a new way to play the game, it was still pretty good fun.

Ok more on gameplay, you get your basic crash controls, but now your get to work with cortex too. You get to fling him to far afreas to activate switches, smash him into the floor in front of you to flatten your opponents in front, or just spin him into nitros to clear the way. You get to do many things with him but working with crash is the last thing cortex wud actually want to do, Im not sure why he would want to force himself to work with his arch enemy. Well you can play as cortex too, and his niece nina. Cortex is like a gunner, shooting lasers left and right, and requires ammo. Kinda un fitting in a crash game but yeah its interesting to use him. Nina on the other hand, is like another crash with more variety. She can spin, but also lock onto hooks or ledges and swing there with her connectable arms. Shes is the most fun to play as I can recall, but yeah you can also use a robot at the final boss fight. Opps, spoilers.

Well other things to mention are, the different variety of gameplay. Most are fun, especially the ones with you pressing switches to activate pathways for cortex when he is running maniacly foward. That is incredibly funny. Also you get the skateboarding thing with cortex as your skateboard, this is fun too, especially in the final island. The rolling levels where crash and cortex fight and start rolling around are fun too. The many new varieties of gameplay sure are welcome, but they are mostly the cause of the new difficulty curve. The game has become quite hard. It may be seemingly easy at first, but the later stages will eat your lives alot, especially the academy level. Not to mention that the bosses in this game are a tad harder than many crash games, but I wun complain about the bosses, since the harder they are the better it is.

Crash hasnt seen good days when he came to the PS2, but twinsanity has given him back some of his action. Twinsaniy is a good game, a good old crash bandicoot adventure that is fun, homourous and a whole ton of nonsensicle bullshit, but thats what crash is about. Crash fans should give this a whirl.

Happy gaming.