Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Monster hunter freedom 2

Gamespot score:5.0(mediocore)

my score:8.0

(+)pros:-HUGE variety of bosses and monsters to kill with each requiring thier own strategy to beat,-bosses are very fun,-online co-op is awesome,-big variety of weapons to learn and master,-tons of character customisation(in terms of look and armor)

(-)cons:-gathering quests are boring and lame,-camera is a little screwed up

gameplay time:100 hours+(very long lasting)

Now before i say anyting, I usually do respect gamespot's reviews, but this is total nonsense. Pay no heed to gamespot's review to monster hunter freedom 2, for it is a gem of a game. Monster hunter freedom 2 is a game like no other which absolutely any action adventure player would absolutely love. The game lasted me a good solid 130 hours, it lasted over 200 hours for some of my hardcore friends.Ignoring gamespot's score,lets get on with it.

Pokke village, a simple village in the wilderness near an icy mountain. One day an ordianary hunter(you) is scavenging the icy mountain for supplies( i guess),when you discover a pile of dead popos(some elephanty mamoth monster,its harmless). While examing the carcasses, you are ambushed by a huge dragon like monster called a tigrex and you are knocked off the mountain, plunging deep into your death. You are saved by the residents of pokke village and as a repay favour you are chosen as thier village hunter. That begins your life in the village.Thats pretty much it, other than this, the story is pretty inexistent,but there is actually no need for it, since the gameplay is already so damn awesome.

Now then,as the new village hunter, you need to take on quests by the village elder. There are a huge variety of quests, hunting, slaying, gathering... and so on. Im gonna go through some of them. Gathering quests are the absolute most boring kinds of quests, you go to the field,take what you are asked to take,and hightail the fk out of there. Yep its boring,but occasionally, at the field where you are supposed to gather stuff,there will be a roaming boss monster ready to kick your ass. More on that later. Slaying quests require you to kill a certain amount of monsters that are troubling people that are living around the village or even outsiders. No complaints here,but again roaming bosses may make your life difficuult.Hunting quests are THE BOMB. They are what makes this game one hell of a ride. You are to go out to the field, and hunt down whatever bitch boss comes your way.Thankfully, majority of the given quests are hunting quests.

Now im gonna explain the field controls. Now monster hunter has a unique system. The X,O,triangle,L and R buttons are for combat purposes. Square to use an item, wheter issit to sharpen your weapon,to use a healng item, or to use a stamina replinishing item. As mentioned above,there are many weapons to master and use to kick your opponents' asses. Sword and shield, twin daggers, greatsword, sledgehammer,lance,gunlance and crossbows are just some of the many weapons provided. Each weapon has thier own attack style which makes fighting with different weapons so fun. These weapons,along with your armor,stick with you when you battle the big ol' monsters. Weapons and armor require making,which involves you killing certain monsters to go after their loot,and you use the loot as ingredients to make your new weapon or armor. This is usually a repititive process,but seeing your new weapon or armor after making it is great.

You may be wondering what this is...its the monser list. As you can see there is a huge variety of monsters,and thier sizes DO vary. If you look carefully,you can see a human figure in the picture,compared to most monsters,you are but a mere worm to crush. Now that you know what you are up against, this game will be even more exicitng and exilharating. Beating monsters some 50 times your size sure is a fun thing to do. Sure when fighting them camera control may suck,needing to use your finger to press the directional buttons to move the camera is annoying,but one will get used to it. Killing these 50 feet behemoths are fun as heck to make up for the cranky camera.

Monster hunter freedom 2 is a great game, no action loving person should miss this game,screw gamespot on this one,seriously. This game is great and should no be neglected.

Happy gaming!