Saturday, 28 November 2009

Daytona USA(arcade edition)

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.7

(+)pros:-good competitive offline local play,-some arcades allow many player linkups,-cheap price for a racing game,-manual and automatic gears allow both noobs and pros to enjoy the game

(-)cons:-kinda old,-solo play is boring,-advanced and expert maps are rarely chosen as play fields

gameplay time:n/a for arcade games

Daytona USA,a very old but satisfying arcade racing game. I checked up on its release date, 1994. Well nevertheless it is still placed in arcades, at least in my local shopping centre arcade it is. Also in many local shopping malls with arcades, you can most of the time see daytona USA in it and there will mostly be people on the wheel in a typical busy day.

I doubt daytona has any plot or storyline, even if there is I wont really care, it is a racing game afterall. Daytona is an old game,so the graphics are kinda lackluster,but you really cant blame anyone. It is a pretty cheap game to play,with many arcade racing games ranging from 2-3 tokens for a race,daytona USA only requires one token to play,and the experience is just as satisfying.

With the compatibility to go up to 8 players linked up on a single game, this game has a huge offline multiplayer which is both competitive and satisfying. With one token, you can enjoy a huge competitive race with up to 8 of your friends,or even strangers to compete. Even though 1 race on the begginner track lasts no more than 10 mins, the one token is more than worth your money as you scream and shout through the arcade as you scold vulgarities to your friends that ram into you,causing your car to fly 10 feet into the air,or as you do the same,overtaking your friends. Now I did mention the beginner track, but there are advanced and expert tracks,which are very very neglected, they are rarely touched by players as the begginer map is much more fun and managable.

Now for single player mode. To be frank,I mostly see this game played with friends, there are though, few people who rather play this game alone,which I find rather monotonous. Single player pits you in a race against a whopping amount of 40 AI racers, but apparently they are easy to win and overtake. Your timing and postition will be recorded in the game's database after the race,but really what does it matter, the staisfying feel when you play with friends is all but gone, and you are just racing with 40 dumb AIs,seriously singe player mode is lame. But it too can be used if one wants to test out the advanced and expert maps first before pitting themselves against human players.

Overall daytona is a good average racing game in the arcade. Sure it isnt as good as many other racers in the arcade genre nowadays,but for a game so old to still be played by players worldwide,this game is rather impressive,along with its cheap price,players can enjoy this casual game with friends for a good,enjoyment filled ride that is daytona USA.

Happy gaming.