Friday, 25 December 2009

Megaman ZX

Gamespot score:7.7(good)

my score:7.5

(+)pros:-many forms to control,- well designed and revisitable levels,- great japanese voice acting,- music is top notch,- well designed bosses

(-)cons:-very very VERY hard to play at times,- platforming can be abit weird at times, -walking around as plain old aile seems pointless

gameplay time:10-20 hours(below average)

Merry christmas to all. Been busy these days, cuz of christmas and stuff... Anyway, today I will be going over megaman ZX on the DS. I have been a great fan of the megaman 2D platformer franchise since I was a kid. Since the PS1 days I have been joining the blue bomber on his journeys(altough I never seemed to complete any of his games back then).Now back on the DS as another platformer, megaman ZX provides a new experience.

Aile is a girl on a delivery job. One day, like always she follows her "boss" giro to deliver another package. However this time it seems super important and giro stresses that it not be broken or spoilt. On halfway through delivery aile meets with an accident and finds herself attacked by a giant snake maverick, her package reveals to be model X which infuses with her. She becomes X and blasts her way through, also discovering that there are people after the model X, her journey begins with her helping out folks and helping herself with her new powers, as well as being careful of the foes after her.

Megaman has always been a simple to learn game. Since its a 2D platformer, all you can do it move left, or right. Most of the time it seems to be right though. Anyway the 2D platformer megaman games, though being easy to learn, are nver easy games to complete. Like the megaman zero series from the GBA it carries over its same system, gaming over after a number of tries. Now this is partially because of the brutally difficult bosses and levels. Guess what, they are back in this game. With levels featuring the ability to one hit KO u most of the time, dieing has become more often than ever. I have completed this game in easy mode, but cant seem to make it pass some of the bosses in normal mode. There is even a hard mode too, to really push players to thier limit....

Besides all these, megaman ZX has a lot to offer that makes it a better platformer than many of its preducessors. One is the good level design. I have never seen such great level interior design since old school megaman 8. Also, while running through these levels, the great themed music helps up the mood to play through the stage. Also, this time, the levels are all connected in a map, which means you can walk thorugh linked areas over and over. Its cool, but if you dont like it you can still use the teleporter.

As I did mention before, megaman's boss fights can be very unforgiving, this game has no exepction. The crazy mavericks are back and they are though like ever before. With incredibly damaging and near unaviodable attacks, these guys can take out very experienced players, that means newcomers dont stand a chance, even in easy mode. These guys require retrying again and again and again and again, until you get tired of it. Despite all this, the bosses are very well designed, looks and attacks alike, they arent flawed. If you die, that means you just could dodge his attacks, not caused the creators decided to make his attacks undodgable. Every boss has thier own weaknesses and ways to dodge thier attacks, so it just means if you keep losing, you need more pratice.

I really like megaman ZX, though I could only clear the game on easy, switching to normal mode to have a go at the bosses at thier full potential really is fun. Megaman ZX is my favourite 2D platformer megaman game so far( I didnt enjoy ZX advent very much). Megaman fans would love this one, even if you are a seasoned player.

Happy gaming.