Monday, 28 December 2009

game of the year, LAN experiece

Okay being someone who checks in on gamespot often, I will have obviously seen the programme for game of the year.

And when I saw the result I couldnt have been happier. The 2009 game of the year is demon souls! Thats one more reason for me to buy that game. Although I have been happy about demon souls being GOTY, part of the world didnt.

From reading the damn comments there are so many godamn whiners who said stuff like "Should have been modern warfare 2!!", or "Uncharted 2 so beats demon souls!". Some also said " Halo 3:ODST so kicks ass!More than this game!", or even " Batman AA should have won!" Some even said " Demon souls looks gay!!" as an excuse.

Those people should just fuck off, and seriously, Im not the only one who says this. All the people who posted unnessecary comments about how other games where better than demon souls, thier comments got serious thumbs down, both in gamespot and in youtube.

Well enough about that nonsense, Im just happy demon souls won. Today I just went to LAN(aka cyber cafe) and had a lot of fun.

I havent went to LAN for 2 years or so and I think I had alot of fun today. I have been playing left 4 dead 2 in the LAN and i think playing in LAN is 5 times more fun than playing alone.

All this while I have been playing left 4 dead 2 at home with my brother at home, but today I just went with 2 of my friends to LAN and playing with friends is GREAT. Communication becomes a huge thing and the gaming expereicne shoots up by a few times.

Well thats all for today, peace.