Friday, 18 December 2009

persona 3 fes

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:8.2

(+)pros:-includes the original persona 3 with new social links and bonus content,- same great cast,- story continuation is intruiging,- you get to fight with HIM(the best fight ever)

(-)cons:-just plain fighting in the answer(no social links,no free time etc),-still no putting characters under direct command

gameplay time:100 hours+(very long lasting),this refers to both the answer and the journey combined.

Persona 3 fes, which includes the continutation of the original story and the original story itself. This means 2 games in one. Great value. Anyway the score for my section only refers to the answer,not the journey. My score for the journey is my review for persona 3. Anyway I will be focusing primaryly on the answer in this review. Players who have played persona 3 can get this game for the answer, those who havent can get twice the experience,playing the journey with bonus content and playing the answer when they have cleared the journey. Its a win win situation.


Well the persona 3 crew has defeated nexus and saved the world(something like that), now thier beloved dorm,which they have shared so much beautiful memories in.... they are gonna have to leave it. While celebrating thier last night in the dorm, something sinister happens, another robot claiming to be aegis's sister appears and starts attacking the team. After a fight, aegis's persona becomes orphues(o.o). They then realise that they are trapped within the same day and they cannot proceed onward in time. They then find a hole appearing in the bottom or thier dormitory(now isnt that convinient). What to do but explore it with thier new robot friend metus.


Well in the answer, there are no social links, no roaming around or whatsoever. It is pure RPG style dungeon crawling. Now I have nothing against this, but one of the main reasons why I liked persona 3 was the dating sim system, oh well. Anyway you will be controlling because well..... for some reasons which I will not spoil.You get to go to the new world and start exploring the new doors which start opening up. There, the team hopes to find answers to thier time situation. You will be crawling through environments with different feels from tartarus from the journey. Their environments have a new point of view towards them, which is good.

There is nothing else much to say in the answer besides the change in story, since the rest of the gameplay elements are the same as the journey. Battle wise, dungeon crawling wise and everything else. They are the same. Well there is nothing much else for me to say here, I shall conclude my review here.

My apologies for the short review but there is really nothing much else new to be mentioned, overall this game is just a sequel to the journey with the same gameplay, nothing else.

Happy gaming.