Friday, 4 December 2009


Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:8.8

(+)pros:-very good environment design,-use of plasmids and other powers is creative,-provides a roughly good and challenging difficulty,-great story along with solid endings,-great combat mechanics,-big daddies are fun to kill

(-)cons:-little variety of splicers and big daddies,-switching of weapons can be troublesome

Gameplay time:10-20 hours(below average)

This is my first PS3 game review.Bioshock is a game that I had recently just completed and boy what a game! Bioshock is a 1st person shooter game with a retro style feel with weapons from the 1960s,expect them to be old,along with a mix with these old style weapons are powers which you will obtain to make the game all the more fun to play. Bioshock is a great game to experience,time to review.

I like the story for some reason. A man(you) is sitting on a plane which is on the way back to somewhere,so that you can visit your family. Halfway through, your plane crashes and lands in the middle of the ocean. You,being a survivor(or perhaps the only sole survivor),swim for your life and arrive at some gigantic lighthouse structure, you enter it to find a submarine and to your suprise,it leads you to an underwater city known as rapture. Sort of like an atlantis feel.You depart to find that rapture is a city which contains a drug like substance known as adam,and its residents have consumed to much of it and have become insane. They are called splicers and they will attack you. The story goes as you go around rapture to find means of escape to the surface,while having to face these retards as well.

Whilst exploring rapture, one will take note of its beautiful environment. Yeah for a game that takes place in the 1960s one will have to agree that rapture is one of the best sight seeing places to ever be at. The automatic doors moving up and down,the neat and tidy stairs,the small pathways that allow one to gaze into the ocean...rapture is a beautiful place to be. And while being a nice place,rapture's splicers welcome you by attacking you with weapons such as light sticks,knives,crowbars..anything on the floor to be specific.Splicers will be attacking you throughout the entire game,each holding different weapons,some with powers gifted by adam. Sadly rapture's splicers come in a small variety. So far the only splicers I know are thuggish,leadhead and houndful splicers.You will be killing them throughout the game,not that it really matters but,killing the same guys over and over can get kind of repititive,but oh well.

Well to combat splicers you have a slew of weapons. A wrench for melee,pistol, shotgun,assualt rifle,crossbow,grenade launcher and a chemical thrower for ranged attacks. Sounds like a big variety of ways to take out splicers,yes it is,but one must not forget the use of plasmids and adam gifted abilities. In this game,you can electrocute, incinerate,freeze,sonic boom,cyclone or even shoot bees at your opponents! There ar a huge variety of abilities for one to obtain to combat the splicers,although most of them are passive,they prove to be more useful than plasmids at times. One can head to a certain vending machine known as the gatherer's garden in this game to purchase these great powers,they are nice to look at and very rewarding during battles. Of course you dont purchase these powers with money,the currenct used to buy these powers is known as adam.

Adam is the addcitive stuff in rapture,as said above.In this game there is only one source of adam,little sisters. They are little girls with glowing eyes. If you do see a little sister,you can harvest her to gain enourmous amounts of adam,which can be used to buy powers,or choose to rescue her,turning her back to a normal little girl and gain only a small amount of adam,but doing these earns you better rewards later on as well as making youself go on the way to the game's good ending. But little sisters are guarded by big monsterous mechanics known as big daddies. They are the little sister's guardians, and they are hard to beat. You will have to go through them to get your adam,and well they are optional to beat, but are always there to pick a fight with anyone who is up for a big challenge.

Bioshock is overall a very good shooter, altough it is the first shooter I played on the PS3,I think it can beat many of the great shooters out there. Well bioshock 2 is coming out next year,and hell yes Im getting it.


Happy gaming.