Thursday, 10 December 2009

greatest boss fights video relinks

Up to now I have been doing some posts about greatest boss fights,3 only so far but there will still be more. Actually all these time the posts I do about the bosses i do realise that there is no actual video to prove how the boss moves or attacks.

Well I have been thinking and I have decided to do some research on youtube to bring these videos about how players all about defeat the bosses. There are as many know,many results on a certain boss on youtube,I watched most of them and picked out those that make the boss really gey and that the player and the boss are both on par,not like some videos where the players are obviously overpowered/overleveled and that the boss would be easy to kill.

Well here they are.

Kurt zisa boss fight:

golbez boss fight:

draco cantus boss fight:
(This guy is pure skill,he is not overpowered,he even did it on ultimate difficulty)

I will be uploading these links to the original posts themselves.