Sunday, 1 November 2009

wolfteam-smart wolf

Yo. Today im gonna continue posting about wolfteam.Today's post will have a theme, with the feature being the smart wolf. One of the current 8 different wolves usable in wolfteam. Smart wolf is the 2nd wolf from the left in the above picture. The smart wolf is an annoying piece of crap that is used by many people in wolf conquest mode. The smart wolf can be used in Wolf conquset,EX mode,destruction S2 and wolf war mode. Well time to talk about it.


-very very small.It is smaller than a human,making it hard to be hit in wolf conquest mode. It can also conceal itself toatally by hiding behind the crates around base C in paien lab, as well as going into the human hiding hole near the human base in power plant map.

-life drain ability. This is uber gey.It gains 20 hp into its shield every time it slashes an opponent succesfully.And a full smart wolf jump-right click attack is 4 hits.Also when it kills something,it can crouch and slash the dead body to rapidly gain hp.It can store up to 300 hp to its shield,starting with an initial amount of 100.

-fast moving speed,combining this with its small size,smart wolf is the ultimate bullet dodging machine.When engaging a human,by just jumping around the human will have trouble hitting it.


-weak defense. Altough it can store lots of hp,its weak defense makes it prone to dieing alot when being hit all around. This is the smart wolf's weakness, good smart users can prevent the opponents from exploiting this weakness by camping,not allowing them to attack.

-weak damage. Though it has rapid clawing,each claw does no more than 60-70 damage,that means unlike many wolves,it cannot 2 hit KO human,and this makes smart wolf useless in any mode outside of wolf conquest or destruction S2. Smart wolf will most likely lose to any wolf in a head to head battle.

-gets 1 hit KOed alot by rocket launchers and grenades.

Best used for killing humans.NOTHING ELSE.

Well thats it for its pros and cons.Smart is a potentially good wolf in wolf conq or des S2,but outside of it,its really crap.For those smart haters,in EX or wolf war,just use any wolf under the sun and you can kill it.Not kidding,even a basic wolf can own it.In wolf conq,it is advised to use rocket launchers for easy pickings. Since it is small, shotgun also works.

Thats for for today.Next post will most probably be about guns,or the almighty ice wolf,depends on my mood.Peace.

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Oh yeah for those wondering why the fk im still posting altough O level is gonna continue the next day,its cuz I need a break,I simply cannot stand social studies.