Friday, 20 November 2009

tekken 6:the comparison

Today I will be commenting on one of my 2 PS3 games,tekken 6.Tekken 6 is incredibly enjoyable and I will be reviewing it soon,but for today Im just gonna talk about some comparisons with the PS3 version and the arcade version.

This here is tekken 6 on the arcade. The graphics are nice and very vibrant, they also provide actual gameplay action with the full blasting volume. Every time you attack the machine vibrates,and the huge sound coming out of it's speakers everytime you manage to knock your opponent over is just very fitting. You also play on a fight stick,so controls are a little wobbly. Whenever you want to rush you have to double push your fight stick,which I do not like.

This here is tekken 6 on the consoles.The graphics are just as great as the arcade, maybe even better due to resolution reasons.On the PS3/360 playing the game is actually easier to some and harder to others.To console gamers such as myself this is easier,since inputing command with the directional buttons can be so much easier. But it is harder to some as you now have to press buttons together with the same thumb,not with your other fingers.Also,the experience isnt as satisfying as the arcade without its insane vibrations and huge noise bangs.

In comparison,I prefer playing in the arcade,its much more vibrant and satisfying. Despite all that,since I have the game at home,playing at the arcade would seem stupid. So tekken 6 in the arcade is a waste of money if you have the game at home, and the arcade version does not have scenario campaign and ghost battle,along with many other great modes,so the console version wins in terms of content.