Saturday, 14 November 2009

kingdom hearts RE

Gamespot score:8.2(great)

my score:8.5

(+)pros:-long gameplay for an action RPG,-many disney and final fantasy cameo appearances,-deep and intruiging story will keep players coming back for more,-many variety of different and creative looking heartlesses,-fairly challenging and fun boss fights.

(-)cons:-gummi ship travels are boring and lame until you get warp drives,-synthesis is pointless since you can merely run through the game without it.

Gameplay time:30-40 hours(above average)

Welcome to the re-do review of kingdom hearts, a very old PS2 game, and one that I have replayed and completed 3 times due to its overwhelming funness. With published versions of this game in many varieties such as "greatest hits" or "platinum hits",this game is said to be awesome to have so many different publishments. Kingdom hearts is a game by square enix with featured cameos with disney shows and movie as well ,this may turn people off but its actually very fun as cameos from final fantasy games are here as well.

Sora is a young boy who has been living on his island for his entire life with his friends riku and kairi,thier dreams have always been to see the outside world,as they are sick of thier island,so they decided to make a raft to leave the island(sure like that will work).While making the raft the island is suddenly bombarded by a swarm of shadow like creatures known as heartless and to fend them off sora is given the keyblade due to his strong will in his heart.Later as the story goes he is seperated from riku and kairi,the story progresses as he tries to find them by travelling to different worlds with donald and goofy,whom he meet.

Yup its cloud. This game has cameos like squall and yuffie too. Kingdom hearts is an action RPG with these cameos,and the system is pretty good. You go around pounding hordes of heartless that assault you along you quest to find your friends to seal keyholes that heartless go after.The system for every world is pretty much it, you walk through the world and meet disney characters,then accompany them in your party and go defeat that respective villian in the world.

As for the battle system,its really quite creative. You get 4 actions,attack,magic,item and the last action for situation fitting actions,if you are at a save point the action will be save,if you are in the middle of a close range combat,it will be a melee skill like ragnarok or sonic blade.Attack is the most common action you will use,you will obviously use it to attack,magic is quite useless,casting spells do low damage unless you choose the magic build.Items are important,for healing hp/mp stuff like that,you can however only hold a certain number of items.You will be using these actions for killing enemies and bosses.Speaking of which,bosses are fun,they provide a challenging difficulty level for a first timer,you even get to fight guys like squall and cloud too(you know they arent just in the game to look cool).Bosses include disney villians like jafar(aladin) and hook(peter pan),they are actually quite fun to fight,despite being from childish shows.

The game has a lot to offer,even unnessasery nonsense like synthesis that is useless, you can do fine completeing the game without having to touch it,in my opinion,it is only good for the making of the game's ultimate weapon(which i shall not spoil). Even after story events,the game throws a few insane optional bosses at you!These guys are the real deal and only real pros can defeat them,to name some are sephiroth(final fantasy 7) and ice titan(hercules).The overall gameplay time for the game would be around 30 hours to just clear the game,and an additional 10 hours to do optional stuff like defeat bosses or challenge tournaments at the olympus collisuem.

Ha!Overall kingdom hearts is a great gameplay experience for RPG gamers,or even just casual players.I recomend this game to all who own a PS2.Peace!

Happy gaming.