Thursday, 29 October 2009

Blazblu:calamity trigger(arcade edition)

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.5

Heres another arcade game!Blazblu(aka guilty gear XXX),is a highly rated 2D fighter game for the 4th gen consoles(with a stinking high 8.0).Today im doing the arcade edition,thus no score from gamefaqs(typical).Anyhow I dont think there is much of a diff from the console versions.Being an arcade fighter expect button mashers and strangers challenging you out of NOWHERE,RUINING YOUR FUN.Meh its expected,its open to public after all,or you can just have a friend go to the arcade with you and sit right next to you when you are playing the game itself.Hehe,anyway,on with it.

Arcade game,hmmmm.Japenese voices and subtitles,hmmmmm.Dont expect me to understand this game's story.Well according to my info there are 12 characters(thats sad),and each has thier own story battles and final stages.I dont understand any crap at all so bleh...As for price variations,one try 1 token.Quite reasonable,since you can most likely last to the end of the game with one try,but you will most likely lose to the last stage if you are a newbie(like yours truly).

Well here we are,this is how the arcade stick looks like.Well before you actually get to play the game,you get to choose a moveset.A or B.Moveset A,which I use,is mainly played by using the top 4 buttons.Moveset B,I supposed will be played with the bottom buttons.But both movesets will be using the arcade stick. There will be another exact same replica of this on the right side of this though,for challengers to step in and challenge you,which is fuck for newbies like me.

Well here we are,the battle screen.Personally I like it alot.The dudes from the guilty gear productions did a swell job.With excellent battle surroundings and creatively and beautifully designed batlle character sprites this game's 2D presentations is one of the best I've seen,as expected for a 4th gen game.The characters moves are varying, quick but weak attacks,slow but strong attacks and so in any fighting game.Few strategies to this.1,button mash.This tactic is used by noobs,like me.Just mash the same few buttons over and over until you beat your helpless opponent,but this wont work on advanced human players or final battles.The 2nd tactic is comboing.This is used by pros,and requires great and precise timings.These guys can pawn the game no problem.

Though the game only has 12 characters,they never fail to amuse. Thier fighting styles are unique,they have great attack animations,and are designed in flawless 2D artwork.Each character is awesome in thier own way. Ragna with his big,life stealing sword,jin with his ice techniques,noel with her funny techno like guns,tager with his fists of fury and hakuman,well he just looks really awesome.My favourite characters would be ragna,cuz he is a pro,and noel,cuz she is hot.Noel for the win =).
Overall blazblue in the arcade is worth a spin,for fighting game lovers.Only a token per play,this game is reasonable,and one try lasts you for quite awhile. But when someone challenges you and wins,dont be pissed,its the cycle of arcade gaming XD(I learnt that when it happened to me personally).

Happy gaming.(wow at noel)