Saturday, 7 November 2009

taking it easy

Yo man.

The critical week of O levels is godamn over, next week is only chinese and MCQs,no need for studying much,so im currently taking it easy. Its been a long journey,kudos to myself and all those taking O levels. This blog will be more active as O levels are over, which is great! As additional info im gonna buy a PS3 on november 11th,after my chemistry/biology MCQ paper.Oh yea man.

Games to buy for a start have been decided,killzone 2 and little big planet FTW. Reasons why is because they are cheap compared to other games. Next game will be tekken 6,but ill have to save abit on that 1.Anyways, playing an awesome online game that I once ditched before,dekaron SEA. Its a great MMORPG that I once quit cause I didnt see it from the perspective of the positives sides.Currently using a level 35 incar magician,my previous account was a level 47 vicious summoner.Its a fun game, recommended to online game players,its fairly easy to level up too.

Enough chatter,Ive gone on long enough, my next post will be directed back to gaming.Once again,kudos to myself and all those taking O levels.