Friday, 13 November 2009

Djmax portable 2 RE

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.0

(+)pros:-has many nice songs,-easily addictive,-easy to learn if you are a music game noob,-extreme challenges provide a fun difficulty curve,-many different button modes give a long time for players to master.

(-)cons:-some glitches when challenging human players via WLAN,-speed increase during 4 or 5 times fever is annoying.

Gameplay time:100 hours plus(very long lasting)

Cover chick is hot,no doubt about it. Wasup!O levels are over and im enjoying life.I bought my PS3 and heres my 1st review with the new rating system. This is an old game that I have done before so long ago.Dj max portable 2 is my first music game and my first game that consumed more than 120 hours of my life. With the easy learning curve and addictive gameplay, Dj max portable 2 is a great game. With more than over 50 songs and 4 button modes this game can last very long,and some songs with hard styles.

Dj max portable 2 has no story. Its just a pointless music game, you play the game, play the songs until you drop. Seriously its very simple to understand, you get stage play for 4 buttons,5 buttons,6 buttons and 8 buttons,and a free style mode to play every song you have unlocked in stage mode.

This is the song select screen. This is where you screen through the long lists of songs and find a song to play. The tracks vary from korean songs,english songs, or just a piece of music. Djmax portable 2 has very nice songs, varying from many genres, R and B, pop,rock,jazz and many more. The majority of the songs are beautiful,out of the 50+ songs,only like less than 10 songs suck(dream of you,show time,higher etc).
Also,in addition,many songs have more modes,such as hard styles or MX,hard style songs are songs which hav a tad small increase in level for the song.The hard style songs are only a little bit more difficult than their normal style counterparts.MX songs are best avoided unless you are a pro,they are always level 13 and above,which is friggin hard.Here is the difficulty level curve. Level 1-14,with lvl 14 the highest level a song can go.

This is the jamming screen.After you select a song, the game brings you to this screen. Its like any other music game,as the notes fall,you press the corresponding button.Your accuracy will be counted for every note hit. Every time you manage to hit 50 notes on a 100% accuracy,you get fever.Activating fever results in counted each note you hit as 2 notes,to accumulate combo.Fever can go up to as high as 5 times,but the speed increase is annoying and ruins concentration.The songs all have around 2 mins duration,which is pretty managable.MX songs are always insane,with notes cramming up your screen and coming down at unimaginable speeds,your thumb skills will have to be top notch to match such songs.

The last thing to cover would be extreme challenges.These are missions that consist of you playing a series of songs and to reach the given target,such as achieving a certain level of accuracy,or a certain score amount,or even not having a certain amount of breaks.These challenges are hard but provide challenge to veterans who want to give them a spin.

Overall djmax portable 2 is a game worth trying out,wheter you are a gaming fan or not,it is an awesome music game for one to play both at a hardcore level,or even at a casual level.Gamers should check it out.

Happy gaming.