Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wolfteam-battle tips

Well today Im starting that wolfteam fan freebie project thing.Im gonna start simple,today Im gonna talk about battle tips.
Wolfteam is a generally easy to play online FPS.1 for main weapons,2 for sub weapons,3 for wolf mode or knife and 4 for grenade.

Since this is an online FPS you will be fighting other players.For starters always walk in wolf mode(unless you are playing wolf conq human or classic mode).In wolf mode you get extended vision and more hp.Always roar to recharge hp,even if its still relatively high,you wont know when you will be backstabbed.When you play as a wolf,always camp in one corner,dont move around too much or you will reveal your position.

When you have located an easy target,move from your camping spot and pursue.You have 2 choices,go up to him and claw him to kingdom come,or hit 1 and go human,spray him before he jumps or moves away.If you somehow didnt get the kill,use wolf and pursue,he may be in human mode expecting you,so always look before you charge.Using the 2nd option of shooting wont reveal your position to other opponents,so its better,but if your shooting sux,go for the wolf approach.
If you are playing classic or wolf base and cant become wolf mode,just stay in one corner and wait for your prey to come.

In wolf combat,this is what you should expect.1st,if you are going head to head with a wolf,do not use jump and right click,just jump around and left click.Jump right clicking will have delay and give your enemies an opening,you dont want that do you.Only use jump and right click on humans,its MUCH safer that way.
Using nades are for pussies,but they do save you sometimes.Always throw a nade at the start of battle,you may,with luck,hit something.
If you are somehow playing classic mode or something,the knife is your best friend.1 hit kills all the way with right click.Just use the same camp in one corner trick,when someone comes by,just stealthy go up to him and hit right click.Boom,instant jackpot,you just nagged a kill.One note,never,NEVER knife wolves,you will end up nothing but a dead fool.

Thats all for today,today's post really meant nothing much,its just a few random battle tips thrown together.The next post will have more of a theme to it.