Monday, 5 October 2009

yugioh GX tag force

Gamespot score:n/a(I guess the americans are too lazy too rate yugioh games)

my score:7.7

Its late.Actually,I dont care.This is the 1st installment for the Yugioh tag force series for the PSP.There is a PS2 release for this game too,but it does not have the rest of the tag force games.Well yugioh tag force is a yugioh game(duh),but unlike the DS games,this one has its own ups and downs that make it differ from the DS release.I will be covering that later.Besides that this game should be entertaining to a certain extent but it does provide more entertainment if you have friends who can play this game with you.Now,on with the review.

This game has not much of a story.Particularly,you are just some snot nosed kid with a red hat that just transfered into duel academy(you dont reveal your face).Well the game follows that of the 1st season of the yugioh GX anime(which isnt half bad,if you are reading this I advise you to check it out,if you havent).It follows up from the 1st day,to the kagemaru duel,in addition to that you have to prepare and win some tagforce tournament.Not much,but the game makes it mighty lengthy for us players,too mighty lenghty,if you ask me.

Yup.Take a good long look.This is as good as it gets.I know it sucks,but this is how it is on the navigating field.Your character is the one with the big red hat.Well,dont mope yet,the battle animations are much better,thats to make up for this shit,I guess.Well you get to do all the basic stuff,walk around from area to area,buy packs from the shop,duel people,attend class......until the day ends.Over 90 times.Yup,you have to repeat this entire lousy process for over 90 days until the tournament,in which you must have a partner for.Well,going from one place to another takes 15 mins(I think),winning a duel is 15 mins(I think).And with this pathetic time eating activities you have to go through...erm... 17 hours a day,around there.Yup,take your time to finish the day.

Well,here you are,the duel field.Personally I think its not bad.The dueling system is quite okay,the game flow is pretty smooth,and the battles are generally quite fun.The rules are just like any other yugioh game(unless in multiplayer,you can tweak the rules).The system is rather good,in fact I'd say its great,except 2 things.1,the AI is too easy.I got this complaint from my cousin.Well I would say that its rather easy,but for some people(like me),its a good thing.2,and the very annoying problem with this duel system.When you summon,YOU DONT SEE SHIT.This is the only flaw that makes this game worse than the DS one.This game's duel system has it all,good game flow,good dueling style,nice battle animations,because of the damn plain style fighting with just arrows pointing at each other this just stinks.Otherwise,its good.

Well overall,tag force has its ups and downs.Its a genrally good game,and a great game for yugioh fans.The 90+ days thing can get rather annoying though.You can always pass the time by making your character go to bed for 10 days in the row.If you'd compare this game to the DS,I'd say I prefered the DS one.

Happy gaming.