Saturday, 26 September 2009

house of the dead 4(arcade edition)

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.0

Ok,before i give any bad impressions,this is my 1st arcade game and I know arcades are nothing but places that cheat your money,but there some exclusive games only played there,such is house of the dead 4.

Many gamers that visit arcades will at least know of the insane zombie shooting house of the dead series.Well I just visited the arcade 3 times this week(thats new,even for me)and all of the times,without fail,I have played this game.House of the dead is an arcade shooting game that functions almost like that of the popular time crisis games,where you just spam bullets on hordes of enemies(minus the hiding and shooting).House of the dead 4 is sega's latest house of the dead installment and hell is it badass.Get ready to spam some tokens!

House of the dead isnt a button-fighting based game thus it isnt cheap.2 tokens,no more no less.If you ask me it aint cheap,but hey,what can you say to a game this awesome?If you ask me I think its rather worth.Go give this game a spin you crazy arcade lovers!

Well being an arcade game I didnt really catch the story since my friend was just spaming the skip button.But from the looks of it,it seems that the main character and his collegue are trapped below the subway in an underground research lab,when hordes of zombies start coming after them and them only.It also seems that the main character has some kind of connections with the zombies as he keeps saying that"its happening again" or "its just like 3 years ago".Maybe he is in one of the earlier house of the dead games?I dunno.

This is personally one of my favourite arcade shooting games. The shooting style is great,no fancy hiding/shooting like time crisis.No fancy requirements like saving hostages.Its just holding on the trigger and spamming them all the way!And there is even a grenade system...killing hordes of enemies in one mighty blow.

As for graphics,for a game you have to pay for everytime you play it,I think they are decent.Its slightly better than some of the other 2 token games,which is good,since scenery counts.The zombies look..retarded...just the way they are supposed to be!They come is a real variety,normal guys,axe wielding guys,slimy guys,fat guys,fire gas tank wielding guys and tall guys too.There are even maggots!GOD DAMN FKING MAGGOTS!Killing these zombie hordes are not hard at all,they are pure enjoyment and you feel a great sensation getting to spray your bullets all over thier dead deceased bodies.

Bosses are hard stuff.They are fun,but they are hard stuff.These guys are the main source of all your money scamming.If you can beat them without "game over"ing one time,give yourself a pat on your back.They always look big,grosteque and mostly,awesome!Try your best against these big baddies,hopefully you can best them without having game over.

For an arcade game,I'd say sega did an awesome job.A great game,2 thumbs up.Best played with friends,to feel the enjoyment.

Happy gaming.