Sunday, 18 October 2009

yggdra union

Gamespot score:5.5(medicore)

my score:7.7

Screw gamespot.I dun see why they gave the GBA version of this game 8.0,and they give the PSP version 5.5. Faggots if you ask me.Anyway, yggdra union is a PSP,a remake of the GBA version,if you will.Yggdra union is a strategy/RPG game hybrid that is more fun than gamespot states that it is.It has a unique battle strategy system than that of any strategy/RPG game that I have played(final fantasy tactics A/A2, luminous arc).For RPG or strategy game players you will find this game rather fun as I did.

Yggdra is a typical princess of a kingdom(and a real kickass one if I may).She is being chased down by the troops that overran her kingdom(something like that) and she takes the holy sword and escapes amidst the chaos.She runs into a cliff-desert area where she is cornered by enemy troops,and is saved by bandit leader milanor. The story goes as milanor and her goes around to save her kingdom, recruiting people who will help her on the way.

Alright,time for the gameplay. The gameplay here is unique,I havent seen anything like it.It might not appeal to some( like that of the folks at gamespot),but you gotta say you dont really find many stuff you find in yggdra union in many strategy/RPG games.First,on the battle map.The graphics sux,they are merely just 8-bit pixels and nothing else.But here you get to glance your enemies units on the map,be it golems,undines or enemy soldiers.You also get to check your unit morales(also known as this game's HP).I forget but im not sure if you can check enemy morales as well.Also here is where you decide to use "cards".Cards are special items that help you on the field,such as lowering enemy morale/gaining more attack on your next attack.

Now this is the screen you get when engaging with an enemy unit.Its pretty and quite flashy.Not too bad,but the only flaw here is the crack in the middle of the screen that divides the 2 teams,its kinda irritating.Now the basic thing to do is just watch as your unit fights the opposing unit,until one's unit runs out of troops.The performance of how your unit or the enemy unit fights depends on wheter you used a card before battle,or wheter the terrain you are standing on provides good defense.Also there is some sort of a scissors paper stone rule.Lemme show you one example, swords>spears,spears>axes,axes>sword.So its good if your team has a variety of sword,spear and axe wielding units.

Overall,not too bad of a game.The story aint that good thou,its quite normal.There are no twists in the plot or whatever.There is however a good fanservice scene showing yggdra bathing :).Anyhow,RPG/strategy game lovers should try and play this,ignore gamespot's score,I highly doubt its real.If it makes you feel any better,take the GBA score.

Happy gaming.