Monday, 12 October 2009


Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.5

Gunbound.A fairly old game now.It is a unique shooter game where you take control of a mobile,in which you have a choice to choose over a few.There are over 20 mobiles(I think,I havent played this game in a long time),each with thier own attacks,heavy attacks and super shots.The recent version has even more mobiles,giving players even further choices to play with.

Now,gunbound is a game without a story(duh).Its an online game with populated servers around certain parts of the globe.In gunbound,players are to enter rooms,choosable from a lobby.This is very common in many online games,such are S4 league and wolfteam that i reviewed earlier this year.Well the main purpose of the game once you are in a room is to use your mobiles and use thier abilities to "shoot" your opponents to death.A very simple rule.

Now this is the playing screen,as far as I can remember,the most played modes are the single and tag deathmatches.I can only remember these 2,but of course there are many more.In the battle map,you and your opponent(s) duke it out via attacking each other,with certain conditions in the field.One,wind.The wind factor is very important.If one intends to go for high shots,one has to observe the power of the wind,if it is incredibly strong,you might hit yourself,suck is one to beware of for boomer users.Two,thor's hammer.If one observes the entire field,a big machine will be noticed at the top of the map.That is thor's hammer,and its level increases every time it fires it laser.Whenever one attacks,or specifically,an aduka uses its heavy attack,thor will shoot its laser,and with each fire the implied damage is increased,the more lasers thor fire,the higher its level,and the higher its level,the higher the implied damage.
The third and problably the most tide turning factor of battle,would be the use of items.Before each battle players get to choose their items,such as dual,dual+,heal(I think),bunge,teleport,blood etc.Each items have thier own function.Heal,allowing you to recover hp in a fight(obviously),is mostly despised,using it will end in being called a noob or loser.But meh,I dont think its that gey.Bunge is deadly in the hands of mobiles like cake or bigfoot,destroying more ground,leading to the opponents loss if they fall due to the destruction of the very ground they are standing on.Teleport is a finisher item for naks and raon launchers.They teleport near thier opponents,hit them with a lightning orb,or mini raons.This can be comboed with the next item im explaining,dual,it allows a shot to repeated twice.This is an absolute must,it allows for deadly finishers.
Overall gunbound is a fairly enjoyable 2D "shooting" game.I suggest you people looking for a free,casual,cute online game to give this game a try.Give it a spin and download it here:
Happy gaming.