Saturday, 24 October 2009

super robot taisen OG endless saga

Gamespot score:7.0(good)

my score:8.0

You cant blame me if I am overating this game,cause I really find it a fun game.This game with the ridiculously long title is a classic turn by turn RPG,featuring certain cameo appearances from other games.This game isn't any different from many RPGs,execpt the characters with really funny personallities and perhaps the pretty good storyline,though it is rather predictable.

The endless frontier.An age where denizens of other world and dimensions come together to act as one.Well this probably makes no sense,but this game does show why later on.The game starts as a cowboy like guy called haken,and his sexy android partner aschen, are visiting a abandoned space ship as bounty hunters.They later find a sexy princess named kaguya(supposed to be a person of high authority)and get dragged into many weird businesses,such as finding an expert group of fighters called the orchestral army,or fighting to save the worlds from being dragged back into a greiving war.The story is rather in depth and the characters are greatly designed,personallities and looks.

Well this game has a rather different fighting style, altough it is still turn by turn.Instead of just selecting an attack and executing it,you have to get all the skills that you have gathered,and plan them in an attack order of up to 5 chains. Sounds complicated,but its actually simple, that means you can perform up to 5 attacks in one turn.
But you cant just keep attacking 5 times in a row every turn, you have the COM gauge,each attack you do consumes COM,if you dont have the required COM for the desired attack,the attack wont execute. Of course COM can be restored by simply doing nothing for that turn,or using SP skills to restore it.SP skills also do stuff like restore HP/cast magic(I believe many already know that).

Yes kosmos is in this game,and shes looking as great as ever.The sexy battle engine is probably the cameo many will look forward to,as well as being the strongest party member in the game(Im not joking).This game is also great for one reason of the cameo appearances.Kosmos is one of them,there are 2 more,reiji and xiaomu from namcoXcapcom(which I must comment is an awesome game).

Well here they are,reiji and xiaomu performing a teamwork attack.This game has lenghty boss fights,which is a good thing.Thier HP usually range over a few hundred thousand,meaning you will be fighting them for quite awhile.They usually arent much of a prob,you just wack,heal,wack, heal......and so on.Once again boss designs are good and some cameo bosses include T-elos and saya(both babes).Some bosses are however,annoyingly strong and many of the battles seem unfair.Katze is one of such annoying bosses,giving you only space for slight breathers and you can only hit him for less than 3 digits of damage.

Another cool thing is that the characters are really funny.They usually dont hold back in thier speeches ,talking about stuff related to sex and commenting on each others body figures(aka boobs).They also trash talk,which is downright awesome.Combined with a long story gameplay,this is an RPG great to enjoy.

Happy gaming.