Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Greatest Game Character: 1 October 2014

There haven't been many characters that I've liked in video games recently, I can't lie. There's not many characters that get me craving for more screen time of, nope, not at all. However, wen I think of recent games that I've played with memorable characters, I think "Blazblue" (again, I've already got 2 characters I love from this series). I don't know if its something about it...but just so many amazing characters keep popping up in this ever-so growing series with each growing installment/sequel. "Chrono Phantasma" has me hooked to the swag lord, Kagura.


Kagura just came out of nowhere, like, seriously. If he's that big of a shot, where has he been all this time? We haven't seen him at all during the past 2 installments, "Calamity Trigger" and "Continuum Shift". Apparently, he had to keep a low profile, but it didn't really matter. The first time I laid my eyes on this guy during his reveal, I knew he would be a badass. And what do you know, when it comes to both gameplay and in the story, Kagura is a smoking hot fellow.

It's Sasuke's manlier alter ego from a different dimension.

Kagura as a person is just so dreamy, especially in a game like "Blazblue", where most characters are serious as hell (or stupid as hell, like Tao and Bang). He's the much needed change of pace the game needed, and he pulls it off well during his introductory scene where he is scene drunk and trying to hit on the girls. He is a known womanizer, and an old acquaintance of Makoto. He has a great taste in women and friends (Noel, Makoto, Kokonoe, Litchi...this man is a beast in the making) for a bastard planning a revolution against the imperator.

As we all know, the Imperator Saya in insanely powerful, with control over the NOL and two of the most sinister bastards in the universe, Terumi and Relius. Kagura sensed that something was amiss, and was planning for a rebellion all this time. He did succeed, though his plan didn't go exactly as planned. He couldn't have done it without the help of Ragna and everyone else, but then again, everything was as he had planned from the start. He knew what steps to make and the sacrifices to take, in the end, he grasps what he can with that tactical mind of well as that of his humble sidekick, Hikari.

Get the f**k out of here Jin.

As a true gentlemen should be, he is very protective of girls, though he is also very pervertically analytic of them (I mean, he always looks out for their 3 sizes in battle, and he also asks most of them out for dates in the end battle quotes). As for his physical strength....we do know that as a man possessing the rank of general at such a young age, he is nothing short of amazing. He says that he can take down Ragna no problem, and he actually DOES (of course, Ragna was without his Azure at the time). We first see him in action when Kokonoe warped him to Tager to fend off against Azreal and Nu-13, two very dangerous opponents.

As expected, he is not enough to fend of Azrael by himself, but he does hold him off long enough for Kokonoe to get him, Tager and Litchi to safety. Later on in the Colosseum, he faces off against Azrael again, and this time, fights him to a standstill . Of course, Kagura isn't even going to waste his time, he figures out Azreal's dog tag trick, and refuses to present any will to fight, causing Azrael to become practically useless. He gets wrecked by Izanami later on, but lives to tell the tale...even getting Homura to ascend the throne to NOL.


To put it simply, Kagura's contribution to the entire "Blazblue" universe in just one entry makes him one hell of a badass bastard. Plus, he's got an amazing personality that's completely different from everyone else in the series. One can only wonder how he was like back in his academy days...meh, I bet he'd be the student council president or something. An awesome fella to the end, hes got the most moves out of everyone in the current "Blazblue" roster (quoted from the wikia), though he's not exactly the easiest guy to play.

Kagura's sure to appear in the fourth "Blazblue", and I can't wait to see else he provides to the fight! Row row fight the Azure!